Monday, December 7, 2009

Pyramus coming home

I got very good news today! My cat, Pyramus, will move to Stockholm and become a spoilt indoor cat at my apartment. :)

He is black, small, longhaired and pretty and I love him dearly. He has amused me so many times, usually by jumping into the shower and bathing with me. He must be the only cat that comes rushing when you flush so he can sit on the toilet seat and watch.

I named him after a famous latin poem called Pyramus et Thisbe that I read in high school at latin classes. (I originaly wanted to call him Gucci but Pyramus fits him the best)

In honour of my kittie, thefirt part of the poem comes here:

“Pyramus et Thisbe, iuvenum pulcherrimus alter,
altera, quas Oriens habuit, praelata puellis
contiguas tenuere domo, ubi dicitur altam
coctilibus muris cinxisse Semiramis urbem.
notitiam primosque gradus vicinia fecit,
tempore crevit amor; taedae quoque iure coissent,
sed vetuere patres; quod non potuere vetare,
ex aequo captis ardebant mentibus ambo."