Saturday, January 30, 2010

Collistar Infinito Mascara Strass Effect Top Coat

I. Must. Have

Its a mascara with sparkles and I just waaant it. So bad. So this is my mission of today. Go out and find it!


So... Its 12.30 and I just got up. Good times, yesterday was good times.

Night was spent at Linneas place with lots of nice people, we started off with a "make you own sallad" buffet, then two kinds of birthday cake (Baileys cream and merengue, and a princess one). Night moved on with a music quiz that Evelina and I won in great style, we only fell on which year Björn Skifs won the swedish song contest, a song by Mötely Crue and one by Rolling Stones. (Important to note is that we had actually written Rolling Stones but erased it...) Prize was a biiig bottle of cava, wee!

Then we drank cocktails. And more cocktails. And finally, Ida and I had the "afterarty" at Max hamburgers. Mmmm Frisco burger...

All in and, a FANTABULOUS evening!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Easy to please

I just spent a good five minutes watching a posh Volkswagen Kombi trying to get up a hill a little bit away from my house. It amused me more than I want to admit to see it go up, wheels spin, and then roll down again. I am a horrible, horrible person.

On today's schedule is to get ready for a birthday party. Linnea is now 20 and can buy her own booze legally at the store. Wooohooo! Come to think about it, I have to leave in an hour and I am still in sweatpants. Err. Might have to work on that. Outfit is not yet decided either. Or the hair. Good times.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Neverending work

I have realized why I am so goddamn busy all the time. Let me guide you through my last two days and you will get my point.

Yesterday I came home to an apartment that, to put it mildly, looked like someone had tossed in a hand grenade and shut the door. I decided to clean it, and ended up vacuuming all the floors, emptying the garbagebag, do my bed, including freeing it from cathair (Its everywhere!!), mop the floors to get rid of the faint smell of catpee (since the cat pees on the floor if he feels like it), organizing my wardrobe, do all the washing up (and wipe the zink and kitchentable clean) put away all the loose papers that are EVERYWHERE and cleaning the cat's litterbox.

There. Nice and clean apartment.

Today, when I woke up, the cat had peed on the floor, slept in my bed, and pooped in the litterbox. I made breakfast and ended up with a zink full of washing-up, and breadcrumps on the table. I have also done the laundry so I have to sort that into my wardrobe. Then I finished by paying my bills so now I have paper everywhere.

Why do I feel I did all of yesterdays work for nothing?


So, I have decided to take up the blogging again. Posts will happen three times a day. Enjoy!