Monday, December 7, 2009

Pyramus coming home

I got very good news today! My cat, Pyramus, will move to Stockholm and become a spoilt indoor cat at my apartment. :)

He is black, small, longhaired and pretty and I love him dearly. He has amused me so many times, usually by jumping into the shower and bathing with me. He must be the only cat that comes rushing when you flush so he can sit on the toilet seat and watch.

I named him after a famous latin poem called Pyramus et Thisbe that I read in high school at latin classes. (I originaly wanted to call him Gucci but Pyramus fits him the best)

In honour of my kittie, thefirt part of the poem comes here:

“Pyramus et Thisbe, iuvenum pulcherrimus alter,
altera, quas Oriens habuit, praelata puellis
contiguas tenuere domo, ubi dicitur altam
coctilibus muris cinxisse Semiramis urbem.
notitiam primosque gradus vicinia fecit,
tempore crevit amor; taedae quoque iure coissent,
sed vetuere patres; quod non potuere vetare,
ex aequo captis ardebant mentibus ambo."

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Hello daddy

I know you can see me!

Remember I aced my tests! Three points to bring to the exams! 

Don don.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The new baby

Malin has a new baby to cuddle. Say hello to The Beauty.

Great news ahead

Malin has booked her tickets to London.

That is all.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thank you!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday, you make me very very happy and I love you all!

Special thanks to dad who sent me my birthday song in a mail because he couldnt sing when he was in a meeting, haha

Monday, September 14, 2009

Short update: More about me!

  1. I am lactose intolerant, which makes me feel really ill after eating youghurt or drinking milk. I tend to ignore this.
  2. Can't see my hand in front of me without contacts
  3. Have a knack for remembering totally irrelevant things.
  4. ... I also remember almost EVERYTHING people tell me.
  5. I am Liverpool FC's biggest jinx, we lose if I watch.
  6. I (only?) know the first 6 decimals in the number pi.
  7. I am very vain.
  8. I am a severe technophobe (I can barely manage my own phone)
  9. I get really disappointed every easter because no one bothers to hide eggs for me anymore.
  10. Can sleep through anything. We are talking thunderstorms and earthquakes.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

You think you know me? I:

  1. Am a horsegirl that never grew up
  2. ... and I have taken three different horses to the National Championships
  3. Am a hopeless romantic, and I STILL wish to marry Nando one day
  4. Am a Law Student
  5. Take Högskoleprovet (Like the SAT's) just because I think its fun and a challenge
  6. Moved away from home when I was 20
  7. Am a language geek, I speak 5 and understand 11
  8. Highly enjoy to lay puzzles
  9. Love to blog, but I always procrastinate
  10. Have been flying in a helicopter
  11. Often worry about money, my weight and if I will pass school
  12. ... even if I actually am quite intelligent
  13. Work at McDonald's, and I actually love it.
  14. Write lots of stories, most of them I never finish
  15. ... But if I did, I'd make a fortune at Harlequin
  16. Used to bite my nails down to the cuticles, but then I just stopped at age 19
  17. My favorite tv series are Grey's Anatomy, STYCD, Top Model, Hell's Kitchen and Desperate Housewives
  18. Am a total sucker for Disney movies
  19. ... My favorite is Sleeping Beauty
  20. Can sing opera, as a soprano
  21. Was called up for the Junior National Team in dressage at just 14 years of age
  22. Have problems with communicating, I hate to make phonecalls and always do texts instead
  23. Used to geek out on LotR, I was able to read elvish. In tengwar.
  24. Hate how the Twilight books are written, and yet, i could not stop reading them.
  25. My favorite authors are Jane Green and Sophie Kinsella, which I guess says something about me.
  26. Love, and I mean LOVE Westlife.
  27. ... But when I was younger, I was ashamed to admit it.
  28. Didn't discover football until I was about 18, but now I am so hooked.
  29. My goal in life used to be to found Swedish Vogue
  30. ... But now I just want to be a corporate lawyer
  31. ... for Liverpool Football Club
  32. Have awful coordination, but have somehow learnt to dance
  33. Have been to Brazil
  34. Am extremely phobic for heights, blood and insects
  35. Once fled the hospital when the nurse wanted to take a blood sample
  36. Have been sat on the platform up in Notre Dame, crying like a baby
  37. Am a shopaholic, and until I moved away from home, I hid receipts and the things I bought from my parents.
  38. Have about 200 pairs of shoes.
  39. Can easily run in 5 inch heels
  40. The most expensive item I own, except for my horse (he is still mine!), is my riding boots.
  41. Hate coffee
  42. ... And beer
  43. ... And wine
  44. ... But I love vodka. Not straight up, but I can drink that too.
  45. Have met some of my best friend's on the internet
  46. Would love to become a housewife
  47. My passion is to bake and cook
  48. Read very very fast
  49. Am the worst perfectionist ever, and yet all I seem to do is clean.
  50. My idea of fun is to reorganise my wardrobe
  51. Am a sucker for rollercoasters
  52. ...But NO ONE will EVER get me into a haunted mansion
  53. Went to Disneyland Paris when I was 12, and I desperately want to go back
  54. My favorite colours are purple, pink and red
  55. Love bow-ties
  56. Can easily spend an evening online
  57. Have been out partying with a high fashion designer
  58. ... He liked my eyes
  59. ... But wanted me to wear other shoes
  60. Have only been flying business class once, but I will never do anything else in the future
  61. Used to almost conduct my friends when I was young and we played with dolls
  62. Once covered my playing house in mud because I wanted it to be a pig sty
  63. Cut my own hair when I was little and then wore a hood for two weeks.
  64. Have got parking fines TWICE
  65. Failed my driving exam the first time, and didn't drive a car in 6 months because I was so depressed
  66. Want to get a tattoo down my neck
  67. ... It will read: "Nimiast Miseria Nimis Pulchrum Esse Hominem"
  68. Used to consider piercing my nipples
  69. Want to go to Rome
  70. Still call my dad as soon as something happens
  71. Read Kissie's blog every day eevn though I hate the girl
  72. Plan on earning 100000 SEK a month one day.
  73. Really don't understand golf (it confuses me) but Adam Scott is to DIE for
  74. Am quite convined that if I got the chance, I could seduce C Ron
  75. Used to play with worms (okay, turture them when fishing) when I was little
  76. ... they scare me shitless now
  77. Have never cried so much as I did when we sold my first pony because she was too small for me
  78. Can waggle my ears
  79. Was bald until I was two years old
  80. ... My mum used to tie a bow around my head because I had no hair she could fasten it in.
  81. My first toy that I can remember was a lion the same size as me, called Raya
  82. ... I brushed him so much he was bald too
  83. Am afraid of ghosts
  84. Have given testimony after I witnessed an assualt
  85. Have been in a car crash
  86. Have a very good sense of orientation
  87. Have a wish to be able to do the splits
  88. Am terrible at all ball sports
  89. Have visited 15 countries
  90. Have kissed a girl
  91. Find it very hard to REALLY fall in love
  92. Have visited the Louvre, seen Mona Lisa, but was way more excited over Nike
  93. Almost cried when I found myself outside the Hermès store in Argentina
  94. Have visited Evitas grave
  95. If I had to choose between an apartment or a Birkin bag, I'd take the Birkin
  96. Read dictionarys as ordinary books
  97. Can speak to blackjacks (the ducks) I make a certain sound and they answer
  98. My biggest role model is Reese Witherspoon
  99. Only wash my hair once a week
  100. Really love lists like this


So, apartment is all clean (Yeah, daddy is coming and I refuse to have it unclean when he does.) I clean almost every day but it never seems to help! But right now, it's cleeean and Malin is very happy.

I should take pictures of ti and post, but camera is charging so you'll ahve to wait, I guess.

I don't really know what we are going to to today, but daddy said something about dinner. Oooh restaurant dinner! I'd like that.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Say hello to "The Workload"

Say hello to my workload. I couldn't really catch just how thick Sveriges Rikes Lag is (Swedish book of laws) but it has a whooping 4000+ pages so you can imagine. It's hopeless, but you learn how to manouver it. (Uhm. I can't spell that word so the english natives can correct me in teh comment section. Thank you!)

Anyway. I am now combining Law School with a work on McDonald's as an aspiring manager, when I am done I will be 2nd Assistant which is a high position and I will be very proud when I finish that project. I have another very interesting and exciting job coming, but I'll leave that until it's all finished.

I am surprised over how many nice, handsome guys Law School has to offer! I have already found my future husband, he is totally unaware of this but it's only a matter of time! Heheh...
I sate next to a really cutre guy today, all these hotties is totally making my head spin! Where to look? Arriving to uni wearing comfy clothes is not an option here. At least I didn't go to Uppsala (2nd ranked Law School in Sweden after Stockholm) where the corridor in the library is called "The Catwalk". Enough said...

Friday, August 21, 2009

DR moments

NYC pictures


You know what I dont like with this blog? That its so bloody hard to fix pictures so it looks good. I want to be bale to move them around more effortlessly. Anyone that is able to do that? Maybe someone a little smarter than me, and not a technicalm idiot? I am stupid, I swear. Might appear smart from time to time, but really, I am stupid. Dumb even.

I promise Mimmi quite often that i will get better and update this blog more often, but really, my disability to handle this blog makes me avoid it. Not good. I like to blog. Oh the problems.

Got sprayed down with chocolate suryp yesterday at work. Minutes later, our consult arrives with a pack of RMs (Restaurant managers) to inspect the place, whilst I was busy looking like a dalmatian. Mind you, this is the hot hot and pretty consult we are talking about. Now, after me, can you say: "Red face?"

Got it.

Monday, August 17, 2009

A flowerpot! With flowers!

Hi. It's Mimmi again.

The day before yesterday I went to IKEA. I found a hat. Further explanations unnecessary. Isn't it just adorable?

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dominican Republic

So, I am finally in the Dominican Republic, and geez, its hot in her! Hee. Its a real caribbean paradise, with blue skies, white sand, and aquamarine water. Palm trees everywhere, and houses in bright colours. We live in Gaspar Hernandez, a small village by the sea, so we are not very close to all the tourists. I dont really know how I feel about that, one part of me think its relaxing and nice, and one part want that holiday feeling you get in a tourist town, with surfers and other people on vacation. You know, like when you socialize at the hotel and end up going out for a drink at night and so on.

Not so much of that here, unfortunately.

First day, we didnt do much at all, I relaxed by the tv when we arrived, and then we went out to do some holiday clothes shopping. Clothes, shoes and handbags are ridiculously cheap here. Most is crappy quality, but you can always find those little nuggets among the trash.

Ten we went to a small beach called Caleton, where I spent the rest of the day sunbathing and swimming. Hello lukewarm water.

What happens when you go on vacation where your mum actually lives, is that you have to endure being showed off like a show dog. I absolutely hate it, but I am a nice daughter, smile and act nice while the freaky idiots suggest that I should have a boyfriend here. I guess they mean themselves. NO thank you.

We went up into the moutains and visited some friends, here you hang out by putting chairs in a circle and then you sit down and chat. Very, very awkward and uncomfortable when you know everyone is staring at you. Also, they dont think I know spanish, so every new encouter starts with them saying hello to me, and then they turn to my mum and start talking ABOUT me. Nice. Not. but most of the females are really nice, at least. The nicest ones were the family we visted some night ago. They were really really poor, but still, they gave me a mango fruit, because here, you share what you got. I almost felt bad accepting it, I thought they would need it more themselves, but to not accept it would be rude.

Its very interesting to see this more private aspect of the island, instead of just the glitz and glamour and party life that is ins Santiago and Cabarete. Cabarete is the ultimate surfer village, and I went there yesterday, with my Bodyguard, a friend of my mum, he is from england and about 50 years old. He is nice but a liiiiittle anoying at times.

I absolutely LOVED Cabarete, it gave me that holiday feeling Ive been longing for. Saw a really beautiful surfer who passed me when I was bathing, but the sailed away and I lost him. Huge bummer.

Tonight, it seems like we are going to watch a softball game. Well see how that goes.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Guest blogger


My name is Mimmi. I'm the one staying at home while Malin goes shopping in the States. I have to admit that I'm quite jealous, but please don't tell Malin, since she'll get so stuck-up.

Anyway. I met her in school in 2004. I don't know why, but when I think of her, I see this blonde and eager girl dressed in a pink, puffy jacket. That is Malin to me (even though she can also appear very smart. For example she knows what the thick bristle-like panel whales have got instead of teeth is called in Swedish. I don't even know if there's a word for it in English?).


Hundreds of years ago, we went to France together and we've also worked at the same place, but then I moved to Stockholm. But now, we once again live in the same town.

Now and then, you'll hear from me, until Lamell gets back.

And Malin; I hope you'll have a bloody good time over there and I hope to hear from you soon.

I've also made an incredibly sophisticated collage of Malin and me:

Au revoir!

NYC shopping

The NYC night in pictures

Salt sucks up red wine!

New York, getting there

So, on the 1st of august, I got up at 4 am to start my 18 day vacation in the States. It all flowed very well. The taxi arrived exactly on time, the trip to the station went smoothly, and I only had to hop on the tarin to get to the airport. And here starts the really nice things. I got upgraded to Business Class. I couldnt believe it. I got directed to a HUGE seat by the window, and the very fiurts thing that happens is that a stewardess comes up and ask me if I am comfortable and if I want some juice or something.

The seat itself had more options than a regular airplane control panel, I swear, and it was insanely soft.

After a very nice first meal, consisting of a chicken wellington with a fresh melon salad, and traditional malaysian satay (I flew with Malaysian Airlines) I felt tired and decided to sleep. The second I folded down the seat to a bed (oh yes, it converted into a bed) the stewardess came up and shut the windows, and lowered the fan. Gosh. I also got a thick blanket, and TWO pillows since the seat next to me was empty. Needless to say, I slept like a baby.

I got woken up to yet another meal, this one was gravlax salmon and scallop with a raisin sallad, and then a beef tournedos with parisienne potato and sautéed vegetables, followed by an amazing sponge fruitcake with cream and raspberry sauce. I was SO stuffed. Oh, and to this, I was served Dappier champagne. YUM.

Passport control and customs went smoothly, beside the fact that they took my mums sausage. (I got SO much shit for that, how was I supposed to know I should have declared nothing?)

And then I came out to the arrival hall, and there they were! Ali, Liz, and Erin! I was so happy to see them, it was almost unreal, I've been waiting for so long.

We spent the day eating lunch at a mexican place with Kelly, and then we went to Erins place, drinking wine, champagne, chatting away. Then it was dinnertime, we spent it at Dhaba, a great indian restaurant. The food was amazing, we ordered a selection and tried.

Next stop: Karaoke, it was absolutely hilarious. The best: Ali's rendition of Back to Black, everyone wailing away to Total Eclipse of the heart, and Ali's own version of Against all odds...

Thursday, July 30, 2009


So, I will leave for the States tomorrow night, if anyone want a postcard, send me a quick email, DM or PM with your address, and Malin will fix!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

So, tell me now, honestly. How wrong is it of me to lust after this dress? I feel like it should be wrong, but I just can't... restrain myself. I find it awfully pretty. Like a cupcake. And I want it badly. Oh Malin...

Wardrobe update

So, I have ordered these pretty little things just now, and I plan on wearing them as soon as Law School starts. I have to look pretty in the corridors!


So, last week, my beloved dad entered the apartment and helped me fix the last things. Which means I now have lamps in both my bedroom and in the hall! He also fixed one of my other lamps that broke, and best of all, he helped me put up curtains! I know IKEA isnt the... well, what to say, i think it has a bad reputation, and I don't know why! I bought this gorgeous cream white curtains there and they really fit with the vanilla coloured walls.

What I need to do now is to sort up my clothes again, and find a place for my makeup. Sounds easy, but its not. I am a sucker for pretty packages, and so, I have TONS of bottles and jars that I need to find a home for.

As soon as I am done with this, I will take pictures and post here.

But oh! I just remembered, I found a picture of the dress I bought:

And als... Ay madre, H&M has a sale, with MY dress! *speeds away*

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Right, right, so now it's only less than one week left until I board my plane to go to NYC and then the Dominican Republic. This could make anyone go crazy out of pure delight. Me included. But I haven't packed a thing! I am panicking! I have no clue on what to bring, and how much, and.. and... I die. I have digged up my pretty pink suitcase at least. So far so good. Can't seem to find my vanity case, but I KNOW I carried it into my apartment. It should be here somewhere. The cue word there: "Somewhere". I live at 36 square metres and it could as well be an entire castle the size of Versailles. I am not likely to find that effing thing until I need to rush to the airport. Oh the joy.

The place looks like a mess btw. Could be because I insisted on squeezing in a three seat sofa into the apartment, so place a top on the wrong place and it looks like a hurricane whirled through here. I am not kidding. I clean, clean and clean some more, and then I have to do it again an hour later. I am unamused.

So, whilst I am away, Mimmi, one of my favorite and bestest friends, will keep my blog going. I don't know if I will assign her this one or the blogspot one. I think I have more readers on the other.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Possible move?

I am a little in love with this blog, since its so friednly to me and allows me to actually set it up and change the design somewhat, but I AM thinking of hopping over to LiveJournal. The address is if that will be the case. I am yet to change it though. Oh, and sorry about being such a bad mother to this one. I will get better, pinky promise!

Monday, July 6, 2009


So, finally, everything is unpacked, all set up and now I can actually LIVE here! Of course, the camera decided to give in and die just now, but I will return with photos of my girly pad later.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Friday, June 26, 2009

Shoe Porn!

From Fendi. I could die. Pure perfection.

Copy Cat

Inspired by Gina, Aianna and Nandia, here comes my answers:

1) Your name : Malin

2) Age : 20

3) Where are you from ? Gävle, northern Sweden

4) Date of birth: 17th September 1988

5) Your hobbies: Shopping, clothes, footie, singing, writing, drawing, surf the internet.

6) What do you do in your life? I work at McDonalds, as a hostess, and I will start Law School in a month. I travel a lot, and until just recently, I competed in dressage on elite level, for Young Riders.

7) Favorite club(s): Liverpool FC, AS Roma, Spanish NT, Atlético Madrid

8) What got you into football? Ahem, Fernando Torres, alone.

9) Your favorite current football players: Nando, because its him. For his passion, his strenght, his spectacular goals, and for his heart. Matteo Brighi, for his pretty features, his stamina, his soft spokenness, his humility, and HIS heart.

10) Your favorite past football players: Maldini

11) Most memorable game? Liverpool - Man U season 08-09 Euro final 2008

12) What do you think about the Real Madrid situation? They are getting hybris.

13) Is there a thing you would like to change about your club? If so what? I want a new owner for Liverpool and a pile of cash for Roma.

14) Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookie Dough

15) Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

16) Coke or pepsi? Pepsi

17) Ketchup or mustard? Ketchup.

18) Iker or Pepe Reina? Pepe.

19) Sernando or Sergago? Please, none.

20) Kickette or Dirty tackle? Both.

21) Premier league or la liga? PL.

22) Jose or Pep ? Jose.

23) Which player would you like to spend a night with? Only one player? Francesco Pisano. It would be epic.

24) Which three players would you like to be stuck on a desert island with? Alessandro Matri, he is big and strong (he can hunt) and awfully beautiful. Carra to entertain me,and Nando to protect and love me.

25) Which player do you like that you really shouldn't? C Ron. I try not to and fail epically.

26) Which footballer would you describe yourself as like/relate to/something like that? I don't know... I fear that I am an awful lot like C Ron actually.

27) First live concert? Westlife! Gee.

28) A band you will always love: Westlife. I am SUCH a freak.

29) If you could be one musical artist who would you be? Carrie Underwood or J Lo.

30) Favourite and least favourite subjects at school: Favourite - All the languages, spanish in particular. Least favourite - Philosophy. I've never felt so out of my comfort zone EVER.

31) Favourite clothes shop: H&M; I think I own half the store.

32) Current favourite outfit: Skinny blue jeans, high heels, a loose tank top and a suit jacket with rolled up sleeves.

33) Flats or heels? High heels. REALLY high heels. I can even run in them if I have to.

34) Late nights or early mornings? Late nights. I am dead until 10 am.

35) Small social gathering with a few close friends or a wild party with tons of people? Party people in tha house! Uhn tss uhn tss... Uhm. Yeah, party.

36) Facebook or twitter? Twitter. I take really bad care of my FB.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Rose of Copenhagen

I am totally, insanely in love with roses. In Tivoli, they had loads. I was in heaven, the scent was intoxicating.