Monday, July 27, 2009


So, last week, my beloved dad entered the apartment and helped me fix the last things. Which means I now have lamps in both my bedroom and in the hall! He also fixed one of my other lamps that broke, and best of all, he helped me put up curtains! I know IKEA isnt the... well, what to say, i think it has a bad reputation, and I don't know why! I bought this gorgeous cream white curtains there and they really fit with the vanilla coloured walls.

What I need to do now is to sort up my clothes again, and find a place for my makeup. Sounds easy, but its not. I am a sucker for pretty packages, and so, I have TONS of bottles and jars that I need to find a home for.

As soon as I am done with this, I will take pictures and post here.

But oh! I just remembered, I found a picture of the dress I bought:

And als... Ay madre, H&M has a sale, with MY dress! *speeds away*

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