Sunday, July 26, 2009


Right, right, so now it's only less than one week left until I board my plane to go to NYC and then the Dominican Republic. This could make anyone go crazy out of pure delight. Me included. But I haven't packed a thing! I am panicking! I have no clue on what to bring, and how much, and.. and... I die. I have digged up my pretty pink suitcase at least. So far so good. Can't seem to find my vanity case, but I KNOW I carried it into my apartment. It should be here somewhere. The cue word there: "Somewhere". I live at 36 square metres and it could as well be an entire castle the size of Versailles. I am not likely to find that effing thing until I need to rush to the airport. Oh the joy.

The place looks like a mess btw. Could be because I insisted on squeezing in a three seat sofa into the apartment, so place a top on the wrong place and it looks like a hurricane whirled through here. I am not kidding. I clean, clean and clean some more, and then I have to do it again an hour later. I am unamused.

So, whilst I am away, Mimmi, one of my favorite and bestest friends, will keep my blog going. I don't know if I will assign her this one or the blogspot one. I think I have more readers on the other.

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