Friday, June 26, 2009

Shoe Porn!

From Fendi. I could die. Pure perfection.

Copy Cat

Inspired by Gina, Aianna and Nandia, here comes my answers:

1) Your name : Malin

2) Age : 20

3) Where are you from ? Gävle, northern Sweden

4) Date of birth: 17th September 1988

5) Your hobbies: Shopping, clothes, footie, singing, writing, drawing, surf the internet.

6) What do you do in your life? I work at McDonalds, as a hostess, and I will start Law School in a month. I travel a lot, and until just recently, I competed in dressage on elite level, for Young Riders.

7) Favorite club(s): Liverpool FC, AS Roma, Spanish NT, Atlético Madrid

8) What got you into football? Ahem, Fernando Torres, alone.

9) Your favorite current football players: Nando, because its him. For his passion, his strenght, his spectacular goals, and for his heart. Matteo Brighi, for his pretty features, his stamina, his soft spokenness, his humility, and HIS heart.

10) Your favorite past football players: Maldini

11) Most memorable game? Liverpool - Man U season 08-09 Euro final 2008

12) What do you think about the Real Madrid situation? They are getting hybris.

13) Is there a thing you would like to change about your club? If so what? I want a new owner for Liverpool and a pile of cash for Roma.

14) Favorite ice cream flavor: Cookie Dough

15) Chocolate or Vanilla? Chocolate

16) Coke or pepsi? Pepsi

17) Ketchup or mustard? Ketchup.

18) Iker or Pepe Reina? Pepe.

19) Sernando or Sergago? Please, none.

20) Kickette or Dirty tackle? Both.

21) Premier league or la liga? PL.

22) Jose or Pep ? Jose.

23) Which player would you like to spend a night with? Only one player? Francesco Pisano. It would be epic.

24) Which three players would you like to be stuck on a desert island with? Alessandro Matri, he is big and strong (he can hunt) and awfully beautiful. Carra to entertain me,and Nando to protect and love me.

25) Which player do you like that you really shouldn't? C Ron. I try not to and fail epically.

26) Which footballer would you describe yourself as like/relate to/something like that? I don't know... I fear that I am an awful lot like C Ron actually.

27) First live concert? Westlife! Gee.

28) A band you will always love: Westlife. I am SUCH a freak.

29) If you could be one musical artist who would you be? Carrie Underwood or J Lo.

30) Favourite and least favourite subjects at school: Favourite - All the languages, spanish in particular. Least favourite - Philosophy. I've never felt so out of my comfort zone EVER.

31) Favourite clothes shop: H&M; I think I own half the store.

32) Current favourite outfit: Skinny blue jeans, high heels, a loose tank top and a suit jacket with rolled up sleeves.

33) Flats or heels? High heels. REALLY high heels. I can even run in them if I have to.

34) Late nights or early mornings? Late nights. I am dead until 10 am.

35) Small social gathering with a few close friends or a wild party with tons of people? Party people in tha house! Uhn tss uhn tss... Uhm. Yeah, party.

36) Facebook or twitter? Twitter. I take really bad care of my FB.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

The Rose of Copenhagen

I am totally, insanely in love with roses. In Tivoli, they had loads. I was in heaven, the scent was intoxicating.

Tivoli, Copenhagen

Tivoli Garden (Tivoli Guards, They had this awfully cute little prince and princess, about 7 years old, up on the balcony, but I missed them!)

Vertigo on the left, and the dreaded Demon on the right, hehe...

The Demon!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

København, day two and three

So, day two began very nicely, we got up, got ready and headed out to get some food. We ended up at Café Norden to have their fabulous brunch, and hooboy, it was divine. Brie, port salut, freshly baked bread, white and wholegrain, homemade cherry marmalade, fruitsalad, orange juice, ham, salmon in cream cheese, pancakes with maple syrup and coconut cake. I ate and ate and... well, we had to roll out of the place. (I have never seen so many Chanel and Gucci bags in one place before!)

It was raining outside, so we went into Illum, the posh mall next door, with aaaaall the designer branch. I amused myself by trying on Dolce and Gabbana shoes, but thanks to the blocked Visa, no shoes for me. :( Boo. Found a pair that was a little cheaper, But I have promised myself to save the shpping for NYC, so, no shoes there either.

We went back to Strøget when the rain stopped, and I bought a pair of gold sandals at Accessorize, yaaay! Then we found Kilroy Travels Sign Spotting! THAT was fun, lots and lots of fun signs, I'll put up pics when my camera is alive again, it died today. Very tragic.

At night, we went out to have dinner, yummy thaifood. We waited for an hour to get a table and the our food, and we ate in 15 minuted flat. Staaaarving. On to drink cocktails, and eeeehm. Never, EVER allow me to start a night like that with a Vesper again. It tasted very nice, mmm, but mind you, a Vesper is spirit only and NOTHING else. A Raspberry Collin and a Cosmo later, I was in a clear party mode. Helles friend Thomas joined us, and was very amused by our footie talk. ("Girls talking about football, its so weird!") He admitted that he had been suspicious when Helle said that one of her footie crazed friends from kickette would come and visit, and that he had imagined a nerd. :) And then I came! I was veeery flattered!

We went out to go out and dance, but I was unsturdy to say the least. I have only been TOLD this, but we wanted a bike Taxi to get to the nightclub, and the q was looong. BUT. With my skirt and blond hair, we got one straight away. I am useful! We found a nightclub, and at first it was techno, I was unamused, but suddenly, MY music started! I remember "Right round" with Flo Rida, but I am quite sure that it was in fact some other song that I can't remember that got me started. I know I found some guy after two songs that I danced with, and that we had a large area in the middle of the dancefloor. Might be why I was later called the "Duracell rabbit" and "Dance Queen". Ahem.

Got home at 4 in the morning, no wonder we went to McDonalds the day after, ( after we got up at 3 pm...) where I spent the entire meal ogling the cute manager. I'm such a slut. :)

After regaining some strenght on the couch, we pulled ourselves together and went to O'Learys to watch Spain, who won! Weee! I swear, we were the only females there, but we screamed like hell when Villa and Llorente scored!

The nigh offered more cocktails, and I am now engaged and all set to marry Thomas at a Château in France, and then we will live in Liverpool, he will work all day and I will go shopping for Gucci bags every day and then go and watch every Liverpool game. Oh, and we wanted Nando to do the wedding ceremony ("She will cheat on me with the Priest, on our wedding day!")

What can I say, we were drunk...

Today, I woke up to a sunny day! We have spent the entire day at Tivoli, and poor Helle had to ride the insane roller coaster The Demon (...) twice with me, since I am a crazy lunatic. I adoooore roller coasters!

So now I am curled up on the couch, waiting for the pizzas. It's the last night I København... I'll miss this place. I'll miss Helle!

Friday, June 19, 2009


So, after a quite long and boring journey, I stepped out of the train on danish ground. Since Helle had told me to get off at a small station before Køpenhavn station, I was sure I had got it wrong and that I was lost. Helle wasn't there see. But it all turned out well, I had just hurried away a little too early and missed her, I thought she would be outside when she was actually at the platform. Stupid Malin. After a set of squeals and hugs, we set off heading for the house. It was really close to the station, bless, because that means I will be able to find it when I am going home...

The house is cute as hell, set in bricks, a thing that I noticed is very common down here. I am used to our wooden houses, something Helle calls "a typical Swedish house" but Denmark is smaller with less forests so it makes sense. I liked it though, I am a sucker for old houses, preferably in stone. I haven't taken any pictures yet, but I promise they will come!

I got my own room that I messed up immediately by open up my suitcase to rummage through it for new clothes.

Helle is great! I don't understand everything she says, but most of it, and she makes fun of my swedish which makes me laugh. :)

So we got out to the car and headed for "byen" which is downtown for her and terribly funny for me, since she means central Køpenhavn and "by" for me is kind of the same thing as my hometown: Awfully small. We went to a small café/restaurant ran by a serie of very well built men. Wahey! (the hottiespotting started outside the trainstation btw, when a perfect copy of Nicky Bendtner walked past me. It wasn't the real thing though, sadly) I got a chicken burger that I coult not order myself since I feel stupid if I try to use danish. Its called "kylling" (sp?) here with a sharp "k" very unlike the "sch" sound we use on k in "kyckling", so I only get confused. I let Helle do the talking and just smiled at the awfully cute bartender nearby.

The food was great! an enourmous plate with burger and large fries, everything tasted heavenly but I think I dropped half of the fries on my lap, and the burger almost hit the ceiling, so I had to cut it down with knife and fork. I'm not exactly a lady when I eat.

Off to sightseeing next, I think I was about to die when we firts hit Strøget and then continued walking. In quick sucession, we walked past Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Max Mara, Burberry, Hermès, Mulberry, and Chanel. Hermès... I think I ACTUALLY died there. In the dispaly window was a smotth, black Birkin. It was to big though, but anyway really! The real thing. Køpenhavn might be smaller than Stockholm, but its central Europe so they get way better brands than us. I was in awe to say the least. Lucky the stores were closed that late at night and that I have very limited money with me... I don't even dare to think about NYC when I will have a real pair of Louboutins on my feet (Yes, I will go and try them out, I am cheeky) my heart almost ached seeing a bag in a window, I will be beyond saving.

We continued down to Nyhavn, which is the place you see on ALL the guidebooks, with the multicoloured houses by the water. Lots of old, pretty boats! I got old that all the tourist came here and payed ridiculous amounts of money to eat here, and that it was only tourists. (At least, I think she said so. I am thick.)

They have something else here that we don't have at home! Bike taxi! Men driving a bike with a large trolley (Waggon? Chariot? Ah, you get the picture) attached. Good for the environment I guess, but I almost got run over. Hee.

Right, so now we are off to "spise", or as Helle says in a posh Swedish voice "lunch".

Oh, and before I forget. I think we managed to sit next to Denmark's most in luuuurve couple at dinner yesterday. I could see their throats, I swear. Never heard so much cooing in all my life. Must. Find. Decent. Man.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Copenhagen Trip

So, journey has started. I am now on the train, at this precise moment, we have stopped underneath Arlanda Airport, last stop before Stockholm C, where I will change to a X2000 train for the 6 hour journey down to Malmö. I am bored out of my mind, since I couldn’t buy any internet on this part, with a blocked Visa and Daddys borrowed Maestro, I am screwed. I was told I could buy a coupon on the next train though, and I sure hope so because this is beyond boring. I am down to writing this on Wordpad, so I’ll have to post the entire thing when I get internet. Can’t wait.

Got a text from Helle when I stood at the platform prepared to board my train, yay to that!

Dad was a pain all night and morning. He is so old school, seems to think Helle will lure me out and give me drugs or whatever. Somehow I doubt that. ;) He was grumpy all morning, but I am quite sure that was more due to the fact that he had to get up at 7 am on his holiday. I’ve been up and running all morning! When the bell rang I jumped up and started fixing things, very unusual,I need to be dragged out of bed at all other times.

To entertain myself I bought the new Cosmopolitan, but I’ve finished that now and all I can do to keep me busy is to write, play mahjong and sort through my Itunes. I’ve had better times.

Another thing that is less than nice is that I will miss the U21 games today, I’ll be stuck on the train for both games! Tears in my eyes. I am longing to stare at Javi when he runs around looking hot hot hot with his… broad manly shoulders… Anyway.

Finally internet! They were out of coupons the first time I got there, but they solved it by giving me a free one and just charging for a regular. Phew. Time to browse Kickette and Twitter!

Journey is going quicker than I thought, we are only a few hours away from Malmö now. I bought myself two books to entertain me on the train journey from Malmo to Copenhagen, so I should be safe,
Weather is rather gloomy, I have been told that its actually raining in CPH, but that will end as soon as I arrive, I hope! He. On a brighter note, I have heard that both Daniel Agger and Nicky Bendtner should be home right now, so maybe there will be a chance of fame-spotting? Helle and I decided that we should just camp outside their houses. Perfect.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have very very sensitive skin, and for a while I used a shampoo brand that must have been too strong for my scalp, because suddenly, I got dandruff! That is something I have never experineced before, and vain as I am, I felt quite icky with these white flakes in my otherwise quite nice hair. So I swalloved my pride and decided to try Head&Shoulders, I went for Dry Scalp Care, since I thought that felt spot on with my hair. I have read lots of positive stuff about H&S, but I was sceptical to sya the least. I am a snob with this, and this felt too budget for me. I had to swaqllow that to. Its great. No dandruff, and soft, shiny hair with a fantastic scent. I love love love it.


So, this is a glass-serie that I collect. Pretty eh? Kosta Bodas "Mine"


I have been a bad bad bad blogmother for a while now, since I figure I haven't got much to write, but I could as well just bang on about what I do all the days. Lets start with last thursday. As most of you already know, I am moving to Stockholm the 1st of july to start my new job, and hopefully Law School, which I was accepeted to last year, so pray for a repeat, sometime in august or september. (No, I have no clue on when the semester starts) Thing is, I accepted an apartment without even seeing it, but what choice did I have? Finding one at all in Stockholm is hard enough. So when we went there to sign the contract and get the keys, I sat in the back seat convincing myself it was just a hole in the wall, to prevent myself from getting disappointed. No need. It was, as you could see in the pics from earlier, a lovely apartment.

Moving my stuff into it has been way more work than I thought. I've never done this, but is it really possible to collect THIS much stuff in only one room? (okay, one room and one walk in closet) Apparently, yes. I have loads and loads of stuff left and I can barely see the floor of that apartment. But that will solve itself once my beloved bookshelf arrives.

OH JOY! Sweden just made another goal in the U21 Euro. 5-1. Have THAT Belarus!

Lina and Mimmi, the lovelies, came to help to move all the kitchen stuff in. I will try to get them there when its time to sort out the rest as well...

Weekend took a turn for the worse though. My wallet got stolen and I lay awake sulking over it the entire night, worrying even more the next day, it was nowhere to be found and I had to realise that it was, in fact, stolen and gone and that I had not dropped it or forgot it somewhere. And then, yesterday morning at a whooping 7 am, I got a call from our police station. The wallet was found and everything was still in it, even the very small amount of money I had in it. Relief, I have no other words. But my VISA is blocked so hopefully the new one will arrive tomorrow, or I'll have to go to Copenhagen armed with daddys VISA. (Hey... Great idea!)

Packing all of my clothes is a pain. being spoilt with a vast walk in closet, having to fit everything into a regular double door wardrobe is almost impossible. I'll have to solve that. It does not make it easier that I am packing for Copenhagen at the same time! But I am a woman, I can multitask.

Copenhagen. I am lookign forward to this trip so much. Meeting Helle, hang out, chat, have fun. It will be just great, I can't wait. Overall, life feels quite great right now. Good things happening!

Oh, and I will deffo become a regular at the Elon store in Bromma, the guy who approached me when I entered was just divine...

Thursday, June 11, 2009


Here we go! Let's meet the Bromma neighbourhood, Stockholm (All following statements should be followed by a loud squeel):


More neighbours!

My house entrance!

The house!

Lots of kitchen stuff and sheets!

The kitchen!

Other angle of kitchen! (hallway spotted in the back)

Bathroom! (Okay, not as squeely, its effing small)

The living/bedroom!