Sunday, June 21, 2009

København, day two and three

So, day two began very nicely, we got up, got ready and headed out to get some food. We ended up at Café Norden to have their fabulous brunch, and hooboy, it was divine. Brie, port salut, freshly baked bread, white and wholegrain, homemade cherry marmalade, fruitsalad, orange juice, ham, salmon in cream cheese, pancakes with maple syrup and coconut cake. I ate and ate and... well, we had to roll out of the place. (I have never seen so many Chanel and Gucci bags in one place before!)

It was raining outside, so we went into Illum, the posh mall next door, with aaaaall the designer branch. I amused myself by trying on Dolce and Gabbana shoes, but thanks to the blocked Visa, no shoes for me. :( Boo. Found a pair that was a little cheaper, But I have promised myself to save the shpping for NYC, so, no shoes there either.

We went back to Strøget when the rain stopped, and I bought a pair of gold sandals at Accessorize, yaaay! Then we found Kilroy Travels Sign Spotting! THAT was fun, lots and lots of fun signs, I'll put up pics when my camera is alive again, it died today. Very tragic.

At night, we went out to have dinner, yummy thaifood. We waited for an hour to get a table and the our food, and we ate in 15 minuted flat. Staaaarving. On to drink cocktails, and eeeehm. Never, EVER allow me to start a night like that with a Vesper again. It tasted very nice, mmm, but mind you, a Vesper is spirit only and NOTHING else. A Raspberry Collin and a Cosmo later, I was in a clear party mode. Helles friend Thomas joined us, and was very amused by our footie talk. ("Girls talking about football, its so weird!") He admitted that he had been suspicious when Helle said that one of her footie crazed friends from kickette would come and visit, and that he had imagined a nerd. :) And then I came! I was veeery flattered!

We went out to go out and dance, but I was unsturdy to say the least. I have only been TOLD this, but we wanted a bike Taxi to get to the nightclub, and the q was looong. BUT. With my skirt and blond hair, we got one straight away. I am useful! We found a nightclub, and at first it was techno, I was unamused, but suddenly, MY music started! I remember "Right round" with Flo Rida, but I am quite sure that it was in fact some other song that I can't remember that got me started. I know I found some guy after two songs that I danced with, and that we had a large area in the middle of the dancefloor. Might be why I was later called the "Duracell rabbit" and "Dance Queen". Ahem.

Got home at 4 in the morning, no wonder we went to McDonalds the day after, ( after we got up at 3 pm...) where I spent the entire meal ogling the cute manager. I'm such a slut. :)

After regaining some strenght on the couch, we pulled ourselves together and went to O'Learys to watch Spain, who won! Weee! I swear, we were the only females there, but we screamed like hell when Villa and Llorente scored!

The nigh offered more cocktails, and I am now engaged and all set to marry Thomas at a Château in France, and then we will live in Liverpool, he will work all day and I will go shopping for Gucci bags every day and then go and watch every Liverpool game. Oh, and we wanted Nando to do the wedding ceremony ("She will cheat on me with the Priest, on our wedding day!")

What can I say, we were drunk...

Today, I woke up to a sunny day! We have spent the entire day at Tivoli, and poor Helle had to ride the insane roller coaster The Demon (...) twice with me, since I am a crazy lunatic. I adoooore roller coasters!

So now I am curled up on the couch, waiting for the pizzas. It's the last night I København... I'll miss this place. I'll miss Helle!


  1. That sounds awesome!
    You need to get your ass over to Mancland so we can have fun! :)

  2. Sounds like you're having an amazing time!

    Send my love to Helle.

    I second Freya,you need to come over to England soon. I'd love to meet you!

  3. This has been one of the funnest weekends ever! Just fantastic...
    You are just such a lovely and fun person - it has been much better than I'd ever hope for...
    And yes, you are indeed that Duracell rabbit :o)

    I totally forgot the part about you and Thomas getting married and Nando being the priest - hilarious!

    And I will definately not try The Demon again anytime soon.. urgh, my stomach is still a bit upset about that one!

    So, thank you for visiting me! København and I will miss you too....

  4. Aww, Helle, now I got all teary eyed! It has been one of the best weekends for me as well!

  5. Oh wow, you girls sound like you've had so much fun. I am very jealous I couldn't be there with you for all these cocktails (yum yum) but so glad you've enjoyed your time both get your butts to Engeeerland so we can all party together!!! :)

  6. Oh Maxine, you should be proud of Malin - she had quite a lot of vodka!

    We so need to have a Kickette get-together in England! I just need to save some money though - because all those cocktails where *really* expensive and now I am officially broke...

  7. Oh dear, so am I...

    And yes, I managed to down quite an amount of vodka, rum, gin and... more vodka. And Champers! Finally a real Bellini!

  8. Hee, thats my girl. I *will* build a Vodka Tramp Army!!! :)

    I agree, a massive Kickette meeting needs to happen soon. I'm skint too though, being poor sucks.