Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have very very sensitive skin, and for a while I used a shampoo brand that must have been too strong for my scalp, because suddenly, I got dandruff! That is something I have never experineced before, and vain as I am, I felt quite icky with these white flakes in my otherwise quite nice hair. So I swalloved my pride and decided to try Head&Shoulders, I went for Dry Scalp Care, since I thought that felt spot on with my hair. I have read lots of positive stuff about H&S, but I was sceptical to sya the least. I am a snob with this, and this felt too budget for me. I had to swaqllow that to. Its great. No dandruff, and soft, shiny hair with a fantastic scent. I love love love it.

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  1. I use the Head ans Shoulders hair care colour products. Smell delish and are nice a cheap :)