Tuesday, June 16, 2009


I have been a bad bad bad blogmother for a while now, since I figure I haven't got much to write, but I could as well just bang on about what I do all the days. Lets start with last thursday. As most of you already know, I am moving to Stockholm the 1st of july to start my new job, and hopefully Law School, which I was accepeted to last year, so pray for a repeat, sometime in august or september. (No, I have no clue on when the semester starts) Thing is, I accepted an apartment without even seeing it, but what choice did I have? Finding one at all in Stockholm is hard enough. So when we went there to sign the contract and get the keys, I sat in the back seat convincing myself it was just a hole in the wall, to prevent myself from getting disappointed. No need. It was, as you could see in the pics from earlier, a lovely apartment.

Moving my stuff into it has been way more work than I thought. I've never done this, but is it really possible to collect THIS much stuff in only one room? (okay, one room and one walk in closet) Apparently, yes. I have loads and loads of stuff left and I can barely see the floor of that apartment. But that will solve itself once my beloved bookshelf arrives.

OH JOY! Sweden just made another goal in the U21 Euro. 5-1. Have THAT Belarus!

Lina and Mimmi, the lovelies, came to help to move all the kitchen stuff in. I will try to get them there when its time to sort out the rest as well...

Weekend took a turn for the worse though. My wallet got stolen and I lay awake sulking over it the entire night, worrying even more the next day, it was nowhere to be found and I had to realise that it was, in fact, stolen and gone and that I had not dropped it or forgot it somewhere. And then, yesterday morning at a whooping 7 am, I got a call from our police station. The wallet was found and everything was still in it, even the very small amount of money I had in it. Relief, I have no other words. But my VISA is blocked so hopefully the new one will arrive tomorrow, or I'll have to go to Copenhagen armed with daddys VISA. (Hey... Great idea!)

Packing all of my clothes is a pain. being spoilt with a vast walk in closet, having to fit everything into a regular double door wardrobe is almost impossible. I'll have to solve that. It does not make it easier that I am packing for Copenhagen at the same time! But I am a woman, I can multitask.

Copenhagen. I am lookign forward to this trip so much. Meeting Helle, hang out, chat, have fun. It will be just great, I can't wait. Overall, life feels quite great right now. Good things happening!

Oh, and I will deffo become a regular at the Elon store in Bromma, the guy who approached me when I entered was just divine...

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  1. Yeah, we'll have sooo much fun in Copenhagen this weekend!

    Jeg glæder mig til at møde dig, Malin!