Thursday, September 17, 2009

Thank you!

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who has wished me a happy birthday, you make me very very happy and I love you all!

Special thanks to dad who sent me my birthday song in a mail because he couldnt sing when he was in a meeting, haha

Monday, September 14, 2009

Short update: More about me!

  1. I am lactose intolerant, which makes me feel really ill after eating youghurt or drinking milk. I tend to ignore this.
  2. Can't see my hand in front of me without contacts
  3. Have a knack for remembering totally irrelevant things.
  4. ... I also remember almost EVERYTHING people tell me.
  5. I am Liverpool FC's biggest jinx, we lose if I watch.
  6. I (only?) know the first 6 decimals in the number pi.
  7. I am very vain.
  8. I am a severe technophobe (I can barely manage my own phone)
  9. I get really disappointed every easter because no one bothers to hide eggs for me anymore.
  10. Can sleep through anything. We are talking thunderstorms and earthquakes.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

You think you know me? I:

  1. Am a horsegirl that never grew up
  2. ... and I have taken three different horses to the National Championships
  3. Am a hopeless romantic, and I STILL wish to marry Nando one day
  4. Am a Law Student
  5. Take Högskoleprovet (Like the SAT's) just because I think its fun and a challenge
  6. Moved away from home when I was 20
  7. Am a language geek, I speak 5 and understand 11
  8. Highly enjoy to lay puzzles
  9. Love to blog, but I always procrastinate
  10. Have been flying in a helicopter
  11. Often worry about money, my weight and if I will pass school
  12. ... even if I actually am quite intelligent
  13. Work at McDonald's, and I actually love it.
  14. Write lots of stories, most of them I never finish
  15. ... But if I did, I'd make a fortune at Harlequin
  16. Used to bite my nails down to the cuticles, but then I just stopped at age 19
  17. My favorite tv series are Grey's Anatomy, STYCD, Top Model, Hell's Kitchen and Desperate Housewives
  18. Am a total sucker for Disney movies
  19. ... My favorite is Sleeping Beauty
  20. Can sing opera, as a soprano
  21. Was called up for the Junior National Team in dressage at just 14 years of age
  22. Have problems with communicating, I hate to make phonecalls and always do texts instead
  23. Used to geek out on LotR, I was able to read elvish. In tengwar.
  24. Hate how the Twilight books are written, and yet, i could not stop reading them.
  25. My favorite authors are Jane Green and Sophie Kinsella, which I guess says something about me.
  26. Love, and I mean LOVE Westlife.
  27. ... But when I was younger, I was ashamed to admit it.
  28. Didn't discover football until I was about 18, but now I am so hooked.
  29. My goal in life used to be to found Swedish Vogue
  30. ... But now I just want to be a corporate lawyer
  31. ... for Liverpool Football Club
  32. Have awful coordination, but have somehow learnt to dance
  33. Have been to Brazil
  34. Am extremely phobic for heights, blood and insects
  35. Once fled the hospital when the nurse wanted to take a blood sample
  36. Have been sat on the platform up in Notre Dame, crying like a baby
  37. Am a shopaholic, and until I moved away from home, I hid receipts and the things I bought from my parents.
  38. Have about 200 pairs of shoes.
  39. Can easily run in 5 inch heels
  40. The most expensive item I own, except for my horse (he is still mine!), is my riding boots.
  41. Hate coffee
  42. ... And beer
  43. ... And wine
  44. ... But I love vodka. Not straight up, but I can drink that too.
  45. Have met some of my best friend's on the internet
  46. Would love to become a housewife
  47. My passion is to bake and cook
  48. Read very very fast
  49. Am the worst perfectionist ever, and yet all I seem to do is clean.
  50. My idea of fun is to reorganise my wardrobe
  51. Am a sucker for rollercoasters
  52. ...But NO ONE will EVER get me into a haunted mansion
  53. Went to Disneyland Paris when I was 12, and I desperately want to go back
  54. My favorite colours are purple, pink and red
  55. Love bow-ties
  56. Can easily spend an evening online
  57. Have been out partying with a high fashion designer
  58. ... He liked my eyes
  59. ... But wanted me to wear other shoes
  60. Have only been flying business class once, but I will never do anything else in the future
  61. Used to almost conduct my friends when I was young and we played with dolls
  62. Once covered my playing house in mud because I wanted it to be a pig sty
  63. Cut my own hair when I was little and then wore a hood for two weeks.
  64. Have got parking fines TWICE
  65. Failed my driving exam the first time, and didn't drive a car in 6 months because I was so depressed
  66. Want to get a tattoo down my neck
  67. ... It will read: "Nimiast Miseria Nimis Pulchrum Esse Hominem"
  68. Used to consider piercing my nipples
  69. Want to go to Rome
  70. Still call my dad as soon as something happens
  71. Read Kissie's blog every day eevn though I hate the girl
  72. Plan on earning 100000 SEK a month one day.
  73. Really don't understand golf (it confuses me) but Adam Scott is to DIE for
  74. Am quite convined that if I got the chance, I could seduce C Ron
  75. Used to play with worms (okay, turture them when fishing) when I was little
  76. ... they scare me shitless now
  77. Have never cried so much as I did when we sold my first pony because she was too small for me
  78. Can waggle my ears
  79. Was bald until I was two years old
  80. ... My mum used to tie a bow around my head because I had no hair she could fasten it in.
  81. My first toy that I can remember was a lion the same size as me, called Raya
  82. ... I brushed him so much he was bald too
  83. Am afraid of ghosts
  84. Have given testimony after I witnessed an assualt
  85. Have been in a car crash
  86. Have a very good sense of orientation
  87. Have a wish to be able to do the splits
  88. Am terrible at all ball sports
  89. Have visited 15 countries
  90. Have kissed a girl
  91. Find it very hard to REALLY fall in love
  92. Have visited the Louvre, seen Mona Lisa, but was way more excited over Nike
  93. Almost cried when I found myself outside the Hermès store in Argentina
  94. Have visited Evitas grave
  95. If I had to choose between an apartment or a Birkin bag, I'd take the Birkin
  96. Read dictionarys as ordinary books
  97. Can speak to blackjacks (the ducks) I make a certain sound and they answer
  98. My biggest role model is Reese Witherspoon
  99. Only wash my hair once a week
  100. Really love lists like this


So, apartment is all clean (Yeah, daddy is coming and I refuse to have it unclean when he does.) I clean almost every day but it never seems to help! But right now, it's cleeean and Malin is very happy.

I should take pictures of ti and post, but camera is charging so you'll ahve to wait, I guess.

I don't really know what we are going to to today, but daddy said something about dinner. Oooh restaurant dinner! I'd like that.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Say hello to "The Workload"

Say hello to my workload. I couldn't really catch just how thick Sveriges Rikes Lag is (Swedish book of laws) but it has a whooping 4000+ pages so you can imagine. It's hopeless, but you learn how to manouver it. (Uhm. I can't spell that word so the english natives can correct me in teh comment section. Thank you!)

Anyway. I am now combining Law School with a work on McDonald's as an aspiring manager, when I am done I will be 2nd Assistant which is a high position and I will be very proud when I finish that project. I have another very interesting and exciting job coming, but I'll leave that until it's all finished.

I am surprised over how many nice, handsome guys Law School has to offer! I have already found my future husband, he is totally unaware of this but it's only a matter of time! Heheh...
I sate next to a really cutre guy today, all these hotties is totally making my head spin! Where to look? Arriving to uni wearing comfy clothes is not an option here. At least I didn't go to Uppsala (2nd ranked Law School in Sweden after Stockholm) where the corridor in the library is called "The Catwalk". Enough said...