Friday, September 11, 2009

Say hello to "The Workload"

Say hello to my workload. I couldn't really catch just how thick Sveriges Rikes Lag is (Swedish book of laws) but it has a whooping 4000+ pages so you can imagine. It's hopeless, but you learn how to manouver it. (Uhm. I can't spell that word so the english natives can correct me in teh comment section. Thank you!)

Anyway. I am now combining Law School with a work on McDonald's as an aspiring manager, when I am done I will be 2nd Assistant which is a high position and I will be very proud when I finish that project. I have another very interesting and exciting job coming, but I'll leave that until it's all finished.

I am surprised over how many nice, handsome guys Law School has to offer! I have already found my future husband, he is totally unaware of this but it's only a matter of time! Heheh...
I sate next to a really cutre guy today, all these hotties is totally making my head spin! Where to look? Arriving to uni wearing comfy clothes is not an option here. At least I didn't go to Uppsala (2nd ranked Law School in Sweden after Stockholm) where the corridor in the library is called "The Catwalk". Enough said...


  1. That's your load? OMG I am so jealous. That is only a third of my load.

  2. Yes, that's the load. For the, uhm, first 10 weeks. I'll have to buy another pile like that for the next course.