Thursday, April 30, 2009

Just found: David Bustamante

And for once, this is not about his good looks (Although he is quite lush, yes?) but about his voice and music. Right now, I am listening to "Colgado", I went to limewire yesterday and got almost everything they had with him, and now I listening through it. Have only had time to go through about five songs, but I can also recommend "El Privilegio de Amarte". I will return with more reviews of this singer, mmm lovely voice.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So, I went out dating this weekend! Scary things, those dates. I have trouble with that, if I don't feel entirely comfortable, there is no way that the poor guy will even get close. I usually chicken out way before the date though, so these two guys caught me in a rare situation. The first one was a very nice date actually, we had a sallad at a café and chatted, it wasn't very long but nice and comfy. I felt quite relaxed about it and he was funny and easy to talk to. With a lovely smile... The he had to dart off to help his little brother who had gotten himself into trouble as per usual, but after we parted I got a little text from him thanking me for a nice time! Yaaay! So we will meet again.

The other one though... I don't know, he is all perfect, too perfect. Nice, tall, goodlooking, sweet, a gentleman, fantastic apartment, humor (sp?)... He is just... Well he really is perfect! And yet I felt nothing. I don't know what is wrong with me, but I just couldnt feel it this time. I didn't let him nera me, i kept my distance, he didn't even get a kiss. Call me crazy, but that is just how I get sometimes. So scrap him, I'll try my other guy instead. Wish me luck.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Wanted: Q-Pot

I want these delicious pieces of jewellery so much its not even funny. I mean, look at them! Guh. They are so cute they turn me into a squeeling 14-year-old. Much like Nando then.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Wanted: Tiamo shoes

So. Here we have Malin's new babies. Or, to be exact, they WILL be Malins new babies on friday. Uh-huh. And after that, Malin will save for June and August. YEES she will.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lent is finished

Right, so after Lent ended, Malin went out to hit the shops... *whistles*


On the kickettes going out to orgy:
"It's spring"

That pretty much counts as an excuse for anything, if you ask me.

Woohoo, or What happened this weekend?

So, this weekend ended up as a quite frivolous one. Not that I mind in the slighest though. Besides, I was nowhere near worst. Misty Stiletto hooked up with a teenager in an alley, Freya beat herself up with a gocart and Mimmi got her neck piercing (Grown into her skin) ripped out during...

Anyway. Liz was out in the woods, she said something about combative something, I am not in the army so I didn't understand it, actually, I got stuck up on "Army","Uniforms" and "Woods" and immediately thought "Orgy". There you have my twisted mind.

TB, Aristeia, Carly and Venice are organizing the Chest Fest Asado, (Monday in the SA thread, my knees grow a little weak just by the thought of it actually) so they are not really innocent either, and Gina got latched on by a lemur in Valencia, who was probably Dahveed in disguise. Cheeky boy.

Actually, do I have ANY nearly innocent friends? I know we call Aianna "Angel" but I have my doubts there to. *CoughSantoncough*. Oh, and Nandia dressed up. I THINK she was a maid. Have to come back to you all with that.

Dear Lord.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Wanted: Vitamin A

Vitamin A is without doubt my favourite bikini brand, some of their pieces are just divine. They are fucking ridiculously expensive, but sometimes I just don't care. The first one I bought before my South America trip, and mmm it was good. Since that trip lasted six weeks, the poor thing is kind of used now. And since I head for more trips this summer, I want a new one, and the other three are all up for the competition on which bikini I will wear in Copenhagen and the Dominican republic this summer. Tough choice this.

Wanted: Matteo Brighi

So here we have him, one of the newest additions to my never ending To Do list. To quote dear TB: Dio mio.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wanted: Vacation

So, I'm dying to get away on vacation, and luckily, this summer will be full of them. I have one trip all set, booked and payed, one that just needs a date, and one I will have to sort out somehow! And one wishful...

Here we go:

Liverpool (And, well, mancland). This is the one that needs some sorting out! In reality, the easiest one, but somehow, I can't get myself to touch that "buy" button, mainly because I feel broke. I will though, I will. This summer, I'm coming for you Freya!

NYC. To visit my mum. This one is easy, since I'm not paying for it. Everything is easy when you don't pay for it... Will happen at the first half of august. Four or five days!

La Républica Dominicana. This is Gaspar Hernández, where my mum currently lives. This trip will be connected with the NYC trip. Twelve days!

Copenhagen. This is the one that is all set, booked and payed! the 18th June, at 9 am, the train leaves from Gävle C, woot woot, Helle, I'm on my way!

And the wishful one is, of course, London...


Yes, quoting that song just feels like the best thing to do now. 1-3 to Chelsea, boys, just, why? What happened to playing great football and mangle them? Luckily, I missed most of the game, but was practically carried through it by my lovely Freya, who commented on the entire game for me. Brilliant, she should be on Fan Zone!

Woke up just now, with double feelings to say the least. Amazingly happy things are coming my way, but this wasn't fun at all. Now, need soemthing to cheer me up. But what?

Never mind, I found it. Nando!