Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wanted: Vacation

So, I'm dying to get away on vacation, and luckily, this summer will be full of them. I have one trip all set, booked and payed, one that just needs a date, and one I will have to sort out somehow! And one wishful...

Here we go:

Liverpool (And, well, mancland). This is the one that needs some sorting out! In reality, the easiest one, but somehow, I can't get myself to touch that "buy" button, mainly because I feel broke. I will though, I will. This summer, I'm coming for you Freya!

NYC. To visit my mum. This one is easy, since I'm not paying for it. Everything is easy when you don't pay for it... Will happen at the first half of august. Four or five days!

La Républica Dominicana. This is Gaspar Hernández, where my mum currently lives. This trip will be connected with the NYC trip. Twelve days!

Copenhagen. This is the one that is all set, booked and payed! the 18th June, at 9 am, the train leaves from Gävle C, woot woot, Helle, I'm on my way!

And the wishful one is, of course, London...

1 comment:

  1. *cough cough* Where is Brighton on thay list?? Don't make me sulk, you have to come see me!!!

    I so could do with a holiday right now. Anywhere I can just be alone and sterss free, with an open bar :) I have a hen weekend in Spain in June, but thats agggges away.