Wednesday, April 29, 2009


So, I went out dating this weekend! Scary things, those dates. I have trouble with that, if I don't feel entirely comfortable, there is no way that the poor guy will even get close. I usually chicken out way before the date though, so these two guys caught me in a rare situation. The first one was a very nice date actually, we had a sallad at a café and chatted, it wasn't very long but nice and comfy. I felt quite relaxed about it and he was funny and easy to talk to. With a lovely smile... The he had to dart off to help his little brother who had gotten himself into trouble as per usual, but after we parted I got a little text from him thanking me for a nice time! Yaaay! So we will meet again.

The other one though... I don't know, he is all perfect, too perfect. Nice, tall, goodlooking, sweet, a gentleman, fantastic apartment, humor (sp?)... He is just... Well he really is perfect! And yet I felt nothing. I don't know what is wrong with me, but I just couldnt feel it this time. I didn't let him nera me, i kept my distance, he didn't even get a kiss. Call me crazy, but that is just how I get sometimes. So scrap him, I'll try my other guy instead. Wish me luck.


  1. Good luck with the first guy! i totally know how you feel about guys seeming perfect, just not perfect for you. and its nice to hear im not the only one who chickens out of first dates too! haha

  2. 2 dater??! fan va du ligger i :P haha. nöjer mig med en jag ;) men vad var det för typ då?? Och sorry att jag är helt kass på att svara på messen. råkat typ radera bort hela inkorgen 3 ggr i rad nu och alla viktiga mess med..

  3. Its totally understandable,he was perfect but not perfect for you.So I wish you the best of luck with the first guy that I personally was rooting for from the start LOL