Friday, June 19, 2009


So, after a quite long and boring journey, I stepped out of the train on danish ground. Since Helle had told me to get off at a small station before Køpenhavn station, I was sure I had got it wrong and that I was lost. Helle wasn't there see. But it all turned out well, I had just hurried away a little too early and missed her, I thought she would be outside when she was actually at the platform. Stupid Malin. After a set of squeals and hugs, we set off heading for the house. It was really close to the station, bless, because that means I will be able to find it when I am going home...

The house is cute as hell, set in bricks, a thing that I noticed is very common down here. I am used to our wooden houses, something Helle calls "a typical Swedish house" but Denmark is smaller with less forests so it makes sense. I liked it though, I am a sucker for old houses, preferably in stone. I haven't taken any pictures yet, but I promise they will come!

I got my own room that I messed up immediately by open up my suitcase to rummage through it for new clothes.

Helle is great! I don't understand everything she says, but most of it, and she makes fun of my swedish which makes me laugh. :)

So we got out to the car and headed for "byen" which is downtown for her and terribly funny for me, since she means central Køpenhavn and "by" for me is kind of the same thing as my hometown: Awfully small. We went to a small café/restaurant ran by a serie of very well built men. Wahey! (the hottiespotting started outside the trainstation btw, when a perfect copy of Nicky Bendtner walked past me. It wasn't the real thing though, sadly) I got a chicken burger that I coult not order myself since I feel stupid if I try to use danish. Its called "kylling" (sp?) here with a sharp "k" very unlike the "sch" sound we use on k in "kyckling", so I only get confused. I let Helle do the talking and just smiled at the awfully cute bartender nearby.

The food was great! an enourmous plate with burger and large fries, everything tasted heavenly but I think I dropped half of the fries on my lap, and the burger almost hit the ceiling, so I had to cut it down with knife and fork. I'm not exactly a lady when I eat.

Off to sightseeing next, I think I was about to die when we firts hit Strøget and then continued walking. In quick sucession, we walked past Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Max Mara, Burberry, Hermès, Mulberry, and Chanel. Hermès... I think I ACTUALLY died there. In the dispaly window was a smotth, black Birkin. It was to big though, but anyway really! The real thing. Køpenhavn might be smaller than Stockholm, but its central Europe so they get way better brands than us. I was in awe to say the least. Lucky the stores were closed that late at night and that I have very limited money with me... I don't even dare to think about NYC when I will have a real pair of Louboutins on my feet (Yes, I will go and try them out, I am cheeky) my heart almost ached seeing a bag in a window, I will be beyond saving.

We continued down to Nyhavn, which is the place you see on ALL the guidebooks, with the multicoloured houses by the water. Lots of old, pretty boats! I got old that all the tourist came here and payed ridiculous amounts of money to eat here, and that it was only tourists. (At least, I think she said so. I am thick.)

They have something else here that we don't have at home! Bike taxi! Men driving a bike with a large trolley (Waggon? Chariot? Ah, you get the picture) attached. Good for the environment I guess, but I almost got run over. Hee.

Right, so now we are off to "spise", or as Helle says in a posh Swedish voice "lunch".

Oh, and before I forget. I think we managed to sit next to Denmark's most in luuuurve couple at dinner yesterday. I could see their throats, I swear. Never heard so much cooing in all my life. Must. Find. Decent. Man.


  1. Aww!! I'm so excited for you. Sounds like you're having lots of fun. Give Helle a big squeeze from me :)

    And try not to molest too many men on the streets...;P

  2. Oh yeah, THAT couple was really in luuurve....

    And Maxine, she is actually behaving herself quite well! No molestation yet - but let's see tonight when we go out for cocktails...