Thursday, June 18, 2009

Copenhagen Trip

So, journey has started. I am now on the train, at this precise moment, we have stopped underneath Arlanda Airport, last stop before Stockholm C, where I will change to a X2000 train for the 6 hour journey down to Malmö. I am bored out of my mind, since I couldn’t buy any internet on this part, with a blocked Visa and Daddys borrowed Maestro, I am screwed. I was told I could buy a coupon on the next train though, and I sure hope so because this is beyond boring. I am down to writing this on Wordpad, so I’ll have to post the entire thing when I get internet. Can’t wait.

Got a text from Helle when I stood at the platform prepared to board my train, yay to that!

Dad was a pain all night and morning. He is so old school, seems to think Helle will lure me out and give me drugs or whatever. Somehow I doubt that. ;) He was grumpy all morning, but I am quite sure that was more due to the fact that he had to get up at 7 am on his holiday. I’ve been up and running all morning! When the bell rang I jumped up and started fixing things, very unusual,I need to be dragged out of bed at all other times.

To entertain myself I bought the new Cosmopolitan, but I’ve finished that now and all I can do to keep me busy is to write, play mahjong and sort through my Itunes. I’ve had better times.

Another thing that is less than nice is that I will miss the U21 games today, I’ll be stuck on the train for both games! Tears in my eyes. I am longing to stare at Javi when he runs around looking hot hot hot with his… broad manly shoulders… Anyway.

Finally internet! They were out of coupons the first time I got there, but they solved it by giving me a free one and just charging for a regular. Phew. Time to browse Kickette and Twitter!

Journey is going quicker than I thought, we are only a few hours away from Malmö now. I bought myself two books to entertain me on the train journey from Malmo to Copenhagen, so I should be safe,
Weather is rather gloomy, I have been told that its actually raining in CPH, but that will end as soon as I arrive, I hope! He. On a brighter note, I have heard that both Daniel Agger and Nicky Bendtner should be home right now, so maybe there will be a chance of fame-spotting? Helle and I decided that we should just camp outside their houses. Perfect.


  1. This is the greatest post ever! Hope it's not too boring! (yeah, I know it is) But only a few hours to go now... If it helps, I am really bored now as well...

    Oh and I am used to parents being afraid because their little girl is visiting me - have him call Liz's parents, they know I am not selling slaves (which is actually worse than drugs imo)

  2. Oh he is so stupid my dad! Or, old. he doesn't seem to realise you can meet decent people on the net. *heaves*