Saturday, August 8, 2009

Dominican Republic

So, I am finally in the Dominican Republic, and geez, its hot in her! Hee. Its a real caribbean paradise, with blue skies, white sand, and aquamarine water. Palm trees everywhere, and houses in bright colours. We live in Gaspar Hernandez, a small village by the sea, so we are not very close to all the tourists. I dont really know how I feel about that, one part of me think its relaxing and nice, and one part want that holiday feeling you get in a tourist town, with surfers and other people on vacation. You know, like when you socialize at the hotel and end up going out for a drink at night and so on.

Not so much of that here, unfortunately.

First day, we didnt do much at all, I relaxed by the tv when we arrived, and then we went out to do some holiday clothes shopping. Clothes, shoes and handbags are ridiculously cheap here. Most is crappy quality, but you can always find those little nuggets among the trash.

Ten we went to a small beach called Caleton, where I spent the rest of the day sunbathing and swimming. Hello lukewarm water.

What happens when you go on vacation where your mum actually lives, is that you have to endure being showed off like a show dog. I absolutely hate it, but I am a nice daughter, smile and act nice while the freaky idiots suggest that I should have a boyfriend here. I guess they mean themselves. NO thank you.

We went up into the moutains and visited some friends, here you hang out by putting chairs in a circle and then you sit down and chat. Very, very awkward and uncomfortable when you know everyone is staring at you. Also, they dont think I know spanish, so every new encouter starts with them saying hello to me, and then they turn to my mum and start talking ABOUT me. Nice. Not. but most of the females are really nice, at least. The nicest ones were the family we visted some night ago. They were really really poor, but still, they gave me a mango fruit, because here, you share what you got. I almost felt bad accepting it, I thought they would need it more themselves, but to not accept it would be rude.

Its very interesting to see this more private aspect of the island, instead of just the glitz and glamour and party life that is ins Santiago and Cabarete. Cabarete is the ultimate surfer village, and I went there yesterday, with my Bodyguard, a friend of my mum, he is from england and about 50 years old. He is nice but a liiiiittle anoying at times.

I absolutely LOVED Cabarete, it gave me that holiday feeling Ive been longing for. Saw a really beautiful surfer who passed me when I was bathing, but the sailed away and I lost him. Huge bummer.

Tonight, it seems like we are going to watch a softball game. Well see how that goes.

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