Friday, August 21, 2009


You know what I dont like with this blog? That its so bloody hard to fix pictures so it looks good. I want to be bale to move them around more effortlessly. Anyone that is able to do that? Maybe someone a little smarter than me, and not a technicalm idiot? I am stupid, I swear. Might appear smart from time to time, but really, I am stupid. Dumb even.

I promise Mimmi quite often that i will get better and update this blog more often, but really, my disability to handle this blog makes me avoid it. Not good. I like to blog. Oh the problems.

Got sprayed down with chocolate suryp yesterday at work. Minutes later, our consult arrives with a pack of RMs (Restaurant managers) to inspect the place, whilst I was busy looking like a dalmatian. Mind you, this is the hot hot and pretty consult we are talking about. Now, after me, can you say: "Red face?"

Got it.

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