Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New York, getting there

So, on the 1st of august, I got up at 4 am to start my 18 day vacation in the States. It all flowed very well. The taxi arrived exactly on time, the trip to the station went smoothly, and I only had to hop on the tarin to get to the airport. And here starts the really nice things. I got upgraded to Business Class. I couldnt believe it. I got directed to a HUGE seat by the window, and the very fiurts thing that happens is that a stewardess comes up and ask me if I am comfortable and if I want some juice or something.

The seat itself had more options than a regular airplane control panel, I swear, and it was insanely soft.

After a very nice first meal, consisting of a chicken wellington with a fresh melon salad, and traditional malaysian satay (I flew with Malaysian Airlines) I felt tired and decided to sleep. The second I folded down the seat to a bed (oh yes, it converted into a bed) the stewardess came up and shut the windows, and lowered the fan. Gosh. I also got a thick blanket, and TWO pillows since the seat next to me was empty. Needless to say, I slept like a baby.

I got woken up to yet another meal, this one was gravlax salmon and scallop with a raisin sallad, and then a beef tournedos with parisienne potato and sautéed vegetables, followed by an amazing sponge fruitcake with cream and raspberry sauce. I was SO stuffed. Oh, and to this, I was served Dappier champagne. YUM.

Passport control and customs went smoothly, beside the fact that they took my mums sausage. (I got SO much shit for that, how was I supposed to know I should have declared nothing?)

And then I came out to the arrival hall, and there they were! Ali, Liz, and Erin! I was so happy to see them, it was almost unreal, I've been waiting for so long.

We spent the day eating lunch at a mexican place with Kelly, and then we went to Erins place, drinking wine, champagne, chatting away. Then it was dinnertime, we spent it at Dhaba, a great indian restaurant. The food was amazing, we ordered a selection and tried.

Next stop: Karaoke, it was absolutely hilarious. The best: Ali's rendition of Back to Black, everyone wailing away to Total Eclipse of the heart, and Ali's own version of Against all odds...

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