Saturday, January 30, 2010


So... Its 12.30 and I just got up. Good times, yesterday was good times.

Night was spent at Linneas place with lots of nice people, we started off with a "make you own sallad" buffet, then two kinds of birthday cake (Baileys cream and merengue, and a princess one). Night moved on with a music quiz that Evelina and I won in great style, we only fell on which year Björn Skifs won the swedish song contest, a song by Mötely Crue and one by Rolling Stones. (Important to note is that we had actually written Rolling Stones but erased it...) Prize was a biiig bottle of cava, wee!

Then we drank cocktails. And more cocktails. And finally, Ida and I had the "afterarty" at Max hamburgers. Mmmm Frisco burger...

All in and, a FANTABULOUS evening!

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