Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Law Ball

So, I promised some pictures from the Law Ball! Looking through my phone I didn't have all that many, some have been put up on facebook but here are mine!

 David's starter. Since he is gluten intolerant he got the shrimp cocktail. Fancy...

My starter! I had this idea that I would take picture of all the dishes but this is as far as I got and then I forgot. I'm not sure what I actually ate, I never saw the menu, but I heard "tarte" and well, yes... I would probably call it a quiche. It had some nice cheese in it (Camembert I think, judging by that rind you can see) and some nice veggies and mushrooms. This was probably the best of the dishes, for your information the main was a stuffed chicken breast with roast veggies, potatoes and cabbage. Very British... The dessert was a passion fruit cheesecake and a dry, tired little brownie. It didn't get photographed.

 David! This is one of two pictures I took, the first, and upon seeing this he demanded a new shot. But I like this one, so you get to see it.

All the law girls! Or, well, my ones! Emily, me, Olivia and Lottie. Note that I am the palest. Will spray tan next time.

And finally David and I again! 

The venue for the ball was the Athena in Leicester, which can be found here if anyone wants to have a look! I didn't take any pictures of that either...


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