Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day 129, Storvik

Hello there!

So, uhm, sorry about the long absence, I just... forgot?

Anyway, quick recap, I've been studying like a good girl at Uni, on the 11th December I threw in the towel for that semester and went back to Liverpool to have a well deserved Christmas holiday with David and his family, which was fun and a bit different, even though I had a pang of homesickness on Christmas Eve when everyone else was celebrating at home. On Christmas day it all got better though, with good food, gifts and all the relatives coming to the house to visit. It really does feel like a second home and I'm really feeling like a part of the family.

Uni is different, but fun! The common law system is very different from our civil law system and sometimes I forget myself and try in vain to argue for my (wrong, in this country) opinion until I have to give up. After 3 years learning a system its hard to try a new one! After I went to my first Criminal law tutorial back in October I went home crying because it felt like I didn't know a thing. Then I figured out the system and changed my way of reading up for the tutorials, and then it clicked.

I've been competing twice, with the team finishing third both times, so I even got ribbons! I was absolutely terrified the first time I was going in to jump, the fences are about 85-90 cm and I haven't been jumping since I was 13. I cleared it though! On my second competition I missed a fence and got eliminated, earning quite a lot of penalties for our team, clumsy! Turns out I'm a good rider on my own horse and not as good on stubborn ponies, haha.

For now, we are in Sweden visiting my parents house, the plan was to go and visit my friend for NYE but unfortunately we couldn't go and ended up being home for a quiet evening together, toasting the new year in cider. Probably the most laid back NYE I've ever had, but I didn't mind, I have many more left to come!

I have planned to do a resume of my year during my time here, but I probably shouldn't promise to much since I've been neglecting this blog so much...

Until then, take care!

xxx M

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