Sunday, October 28, 2012

Day 61, Liverpool

So we got to attend our first winning game on Wednesday! LFC beat Anzhi 1-0, which was awesome since they have drawn our lost all the other times we've been to Anfield... This time we had amazing seats near the Kop in the Centenary stand, with an amazing view. So much fun to be there again, this is our fourth game in two months, we have been very lucky to actually get tickets for two PL games and two Europa League. Usually EL is a lot easier to get tickets to than PL.

Yesterday we celebrated 7 months together by going to the opening night of the new Bond movie. Won't spoil anything here but I was quite emotional at the end. Such a good movie.We went to the Fact Cinema in Liverpool, nice comfy seats and everyone was really quiet and well behaved, not like when the teenage brigade lays into the decor in Sweden...

So anyway, today we headed back into town for a nice dinner at La Tasca, a spanish restaurant close to the city centre for one of my favourite ways of eating: Tapas. We had some Serrano ham, paella, tortilla, chicken romesco, lemon chicken and pork belly, and churros dipped in melted chocolate for dessert. David hadnt tried tapas before but luckily enough for me, he was very keen on the idea. The place was wonderful, nice athmospere without getting too noisy, and the food just to die for, everything was well cooked and we finished off each pot we were served. I was going for some Sangria but since D was driving and I wasnt too keen on an entire jug for myself I skipped it, that might have been quite clever of me...

                                                        Picture from

                                                       Picture from

Also got some shopping done, besides some nail polish for my now very vast collection and some dvds I also got a new polo shirt to ride in and a scarf from the LFC store, and a nice Barbour coat for when the weather gets colder. Didnt plan on buying one but I feel in love and it just had to be. Hopefully it will last for a long time!

So anyway, I'm off to play FIFA!

xxx M


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