Thursday, October 25, 2012

Day 59, Liverpool/Leicester

Hi people! Sorry for the long absence, I havent really been in the mood to blog with all the hassle I have had lately, but today I can share the happy new, we have finally beaten CSN and my student grant is coming in. Such a relief, this has been weighing on me for quite some time. Its been a hard few weeks on a fairly restricted budget courtesy of my way too nice father who stepped in and helped while we fought this battle, but now its done.

So, anyway, I started uni four weeks ago, I had originally planned to do Contract, Torts, Intellectual property and family law, but family law clashed so I ended up in the dreaded Criminal law, which is without doubt the hardest module I am taking this year. Its all very different from our Swedish system and half the time I am very unsure of what my lecturer is saying. Our textbook is a bit clearer though.

The system here for Uni in general is very different from what I'm used to. In Sweden we rely on a big, fat book containing all the laws we could possibly need, whereas England provide you with something called a "statutory booklet", which is basically a thin little booklet with the statutory acts. I estimate my contract one to about 15 pages and that's it. Here we also have one or maybe two textbooks per module and instead we read lots of cases, journals and articles, often up to 30 pages long. I am yet to find out where I can find those cases, I think we might have something like Zeteo but who knows?? Also, here we do all four modules at the same time, and write exams for all four in January and June. Stress doesn't even begin to cover it when you have a mountain of material to work through and no real idea of how to organise it. How did I do this in college?? (Gymnasiet, Swedish peeps)

Contract law is amazingly fun here, very similar to what we did in Sweden without being identical, makes for lots of interesting comparisons and discussions. Intellectual property is also very similar due to the simple fact that its mostly based on European law, Torts is terribly vague since our lecturer is quite shit, and Criminal law is... help.

So, I ended up in a student hall since I didn't know if I would get any money from CSN, but its really nice! I have some awesome flatmates (all girl flat) and they are all very neat, so we have an amazingly big and very clean kitchen. Perfect for predrinks! Hehe.

I also trialled for and got into the riding team for Leicester Uni, my first competition is the 7th November, bit nervous! You compete on borrowed horses in both jumping and dressage, and the points are then combined for the final score. I've had two lessons so far on two different horses, and I love it, I've missed the riding, and even though this is not really the same as what I used to do, its still horses.

What more? I've been to three Liverpool games in total now, and going to the fourth one today, a Europa League one against Anzhi, which I look forward to. Tomorrow David and I are celebrating 7 months together by going to see the new Bond movie and going out for dinner. I look forward to that a lot.

We also had our first social with the Riding club (a social is basically a night out at a club, often with a theme of some sort) the theme this time was Zoo project, so all us riding girls went as Zebras, with face paint and all! Next social is cuban night with cocktails, and of course the Halloween bar crawl.

So, that was a quite lengthy update, I'll be back with some more!

Xxx M

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