Sunday, September 23, 2012

Day 27, Liverpool

Hello. Well, the days go past slowly... I'm sort of enjoying the calmness this weekend because next week wont be as calm, I have apartments to look at and there will be a trip down to London to visit friends, REALLY looking forward to that, its going to be so much fun.

A few days ago we were in town, and walked past a guy holding lots of shopping bags. I remember looking at them thinking "Oh Flannels! Where the heck is that store located, I want to go..." and then I looked up. It was Joe Allen! No wonder he had like 3 bags from Flannels... He was out with his girlfriend, their little baby in a pram and either his or her mom. Both David and I REALLY wanted to go up and say hi and ask for a picture, but I got way, WAY too shy and didnt dare to. I regret that now, having a picture with him would have been amazing. Oh well.

Speaking of... We were at Tesco today for some food shopping, and I finally got to see the Scouse women who go out with their hair in hair rollers! Unbelievable, I would rather be dead than doing that. reminded me of when we went to a restaurant in town in june (The Restaurant Bar & Grill) and I went to the toilet... The amount of makeup girls wear here! Mind you, I wear a LOT of makeup going out but I felt like I barely had anything on. They never wear coats either, which baffled me even more. Maybe because I am from up north in Sweden, when we go out there we have THICK coats on so you barely see the dress underneath. Here they walk around in town in ONLY the dress. I got cold just seeing them. Apparently that restaurant is sort of a hangout for footballers and such so the girls dress up to the nine and hang around in the bar. I did spy some gorgeous dresses though.

Anyway, moving on... Food shopping! In Sweden (Lots of that now!) most eggs you buy are white, and brown eggs are way more expensive and packed in clear boxes so you can see that they are brown. I always bought brown eggs for breakfast and such where you could see the shell, and white ones for cooking since they felt more common and didn't look as delicious. Here its the other way around, most eggs are brown (thats standard) and white eggs are sold in packages and named "Posh Bird"!! I laughed so much when I saw that, its all about context isn't it?

I've also had the chance to taste some British food things, like chips (Pommes frites for you swedes, we are still fighting that battle here...) with vinegar on, and today a little meat and potato pie from a local bakery. They came fresh from the oven when we came in and they tasted amazing. What could go wrong with meat, pastry and potato? Will definitely have more of those. Next on the list is fish and chips, its strange that I haven't had that yet here actually!

I also still sort of double take when I walk past the wine and alcohol areas in say, Tesco. It looks so strange to me with all the bottles next to the regular food. That's what you get when you come from a country where its available from one store only. Its so convenient this! I use wine quite often in sauces and food in general, and not having to go to a special store to get a decent one and not just cooking wine that taste rank is definitely appreciated. Oh, and not only do they have it everywhere, there is also a store called Bargain Booze where, yeah, they sell really cheap alcohol. Its SUCH a scummy place you have no idea. I haven't been inside but we drive past one every time we go into town and I still snigger over it. I'm such a child.

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