Monday, September 3, 2012

Day 7, Liverpool

Another day coming to an end...

Started the day with a nice sleep in, since David did NOT wake up at 9 for once, leaving me tossing and turning for five minutes before I drag myself out of bed as well. Today I came stumbling down at 10.45, to a very empty house with everyone at work. After a very filling breakfast (spaghetti hoops, boiled eggs and toast) we left for Liverpool One and Odeon Cinema where I finally got to see Brave. Dear Lord I love that movie already. We were both really impressed with the animation of it, the details were extraordinary, with Meridas hair being especially impressive.

I also got to try an English speciality (?), sweet popcorn! I have been rather sceptical about it, since I am used to salty popcorn like most swedes, but I liked it! It tasted a bit like the cereal that I believe is called Sugar Puffs here but goes under Kalaspuffar in Sweden. I might have to buy a box of that now... The movie also made David speak in a Scottish accent for almost all afternoon as well, which was quite funny!

After the cinema I spent a few hours dragging David around some shops, resulting in a new hair dryer (FINALLY, I've had to let it self dry for a week...) a straightener, a gorgeous pair of glittery trainers from Aldo, a nice tweed blazer and some body lotion. After this, I think I'll have to put the spending on hold for a while...

I still havent unpacked, so I'm living in quite a mess at the moment (Anyone surprised? Anyone?) but the plan is to make an effort and unpack my things tomorrow. I might even get my arse in gear and upload some pictures then...

I saw that most of my friends start Uni today, but here its another month left until Uni starts, so I have nothing planned at all right now. We were supposed to go to Italy for ten day this weekend, but with this uncertain situation with the student grant it didnt feel doable, which is quite sad. Hopefully it will all be sorted soon so we can go on some kind of holiday. We do have a trip to Wales planned, which is much less of a hassle (you drive there in a few hours and we have an apartment to use) but maybe not quite the same as Tuscany...

Anyway, I'm off again to polish off some cookies, but I'll be back! (In the voice of Arnold)

Xxx M


  1. Liked this! Look forward to catching up with you through you blog....enjoy your travels and experiences. Loved the popcorn excerpt. You must try popcorn covered in chocolate...yummy!!

    1. C9!!! So happy to see you! And popcorn covered in chocolate SO sounds like the next thing I'll have to try!