Saturday, September 15, 2012

Day 19, Liverpool

So I got to stay! It has been a long wait but finally we got to talk to a nice woman at CSN who actually knew how this worked. I won't dare jinxing this too much before I actually have the money in my account, but apparently I only have to send a letter from Leicester Uni to them to confirm I am participating in my studies as I should. Not entirely sure I understand what good that would do, but if the woman says that is all I need thats good enough for me.

We havent been doing much here since I last wrote to be honest. I got the results from one exam where I failed with one lousy point, which resulted in a bit of a meltdown here when all the tension built up just... released. I wrote a lengthy blogpost about that but in the end it felt a bit too personal so I ended up scrapping that. There were tears and sobbing en masse, but its better now and everything will be fine.

On Monday its my birthday, and David has bought me a gift. He dropped me off at John Lewis (Sort of like Åhléns but bigger, for the Swedish people) and I strolled around looking at glossy KitchenAids and other fun kitchen stuff. It dawned on me there that I'll get to buy a lot of these things for the apartment I'm getting for the year being here, and that warmed a fair bit. Then David came back with a HUGE bag from the Disney store. That man knows me too well. He did mumble something about "I asked them for a plain bag but they didnt have any..." but I'm quite happy knowing I'll get something Disney! Woop!

I'm trying ot get things planned so I'll have stuff to entertain me with, its going fairly well. Yesterday we went to a restaurant to sort of send off Davids little sister who moved into Liverpool city centre today to start University. It was all great fun, I got to meet the other, elder sister as well and we probably annoyed the waiters to no end since we all ordered from both the specials menu and the regular menu and then swapped plates when they served them...

Today I've been listing up some apartments I want to see, I have five interesting ones, fingers crossed that I can get one of them! We are going to Leicester on Tuesday and hopefully we can view all five. I was offered a student room at Leicester Uni but they were in the oldest buildings, just a room with a bed, little desk and a wardrobe, and to be honest I have been living on my own too long to be able to handle a shared kitchen. Even staying here with Davids family is a bit hard, I'm used to planning and cooking all of my own meals and its just different here. But its also very comfortable the nights where I just get served a hot meal with no effort. I'm quite blessed.

Tomorrow I have a Skype date planned with a friend, which I look forward to a lot. I really do miss my friends, even though I love it here more than anything.

Xxxx M


  1. YAY, you get to stay! :) I had to send CSN a paper from my uni in Wales too, it basically said when the semester started and ended at the fact that I was at the uni to study.

    I look forward to our Skype-date!

  2. Oh its not just me then! In my case I had failed an exam so I wouldnt get anything though, but if thats all they need, fine by me...

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