Monday, September 10, 2012

Liverpool vs Arsenal, Anfield

 So, since I have very little to do at the moment besides waiting for my results to come in from my exams, I am trying to be productive and put up some of the pictures from Anfield. We went there last Sunday, over a week ago now, to see the game against Arsenal. I still don't know how I managed to get those tickets, when they went down to general sale there were 892 tickets left. 892 out of 45276. David and I had both set our alarms for the online sale, and when it started I was quick as a weasel, and when I logged in there were actually tickets left! I barely checked where we would be seated, I just clicked on the first area that came up, which was the Centenary stand, upper tier. I think they had tickets for Anfield Road as well, but I didnt really look that closely.

When I was about to log in to give my address, something went wrong, since I left my Swedish address and they are different to an English one. Again and again, it sent me back to the form, I could feel the stress building since they only hold your tickets for 10 minutes. I dont yet have an official membership since I am moving, and havent come round to it, so I had to fill in all of my personal info on the site. Frustrated, I tried logging in with my dads address, but no. All sold out. Crying as a fountain since I thought the tickets were gone, I texted David telling him I didnt get them. He had been a bit slower than me and only offered one ticket, and then had to leave for work. So that was it, we wouldn't get any tickets.

I dont know why, but at this point, I logged into my email, and there I see it, an email with my login code from Liverpool FC. Shaking, I typed in the code, and it sent me through. There they were, my two tickets. I couldn't believe it, simply couldn't believe it, and while I typed in my credit card info I still couldn't believe it. But then came the verification email that I had purchased two tickets to Liverpool vs Arsenal. More crying. Joyful tears this time. I forwarded the email to David, and an hour or so later I got the response: "How the hell did you do that???". I dont know. But on Sunday, 2nd September 2012, we went to Anfield. They lost, but the magic was like nothing else. Here are some pictures:

 The program. I squealed like a little pig when I got this in my hand, bought from the little stall outside the turnstiles. Turnstiles btw, narrow buggers!


Our view. We were high, HIGH up, by the roof, but I didnt care. Not at all. I was just happy to be there, singing along to the songs and watching our boys play.

Some pictures of the field. David took most of these since I am royally crap with a camera.

 Arsenal boys warming up. Ramsey is one of them, ahem...


The Kop. This was a HUGE banner, and it travelled all over the Kop at the start of the game. Impressive, and sent shivers down your spine seeing it.

This was my first trip to Anfield, but hopefully not the last. I'm very happy I got to share that experience with David as well.

Xxxx M

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