Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Day 24, Liverpool

Well there always seem to be some kind of trouble and confusion here! But next wednesday we are actually going to look at rooms and apartments. I misunderstood the pricing a bit, because apparently bills are not included by default here, but I finally gathered some courage and called a letting agent and told them I needed something furnished with all bills included, so its sorted now and I'll be showed something suitable. Christ.

I've noticed something funny here, in England there is not the same system as in Sweden, here the estate agents handle rental apartments as well, and since you can actually own your own apartment here you get lots of private landlords, who in turn use the letting agents to handle the administration. Very interesting for an aspiring lawyer! So now I have lots of paperwork to get in order, sigh.

It was my birthday on Monday, and it was lovely. I was woken up to breakfast and gifts on the table. I got a pretty Liverpool shirt with Allen on, a polka dot dressing gown, a bottle of nailpolish from OPI that I have been wanting since forever (OPI Ink!!) and a cuddly horse from the movie Brave! We then went to West Kirby which is by the sea and went out for a walk on the Lido, it was windy and we got some sprays but I loved it, the smell of the salty sea is one of my favourites.

Later that evening, I was told to dress up nicely for dinner, and we got in the car and drove to the city centre. I had no idea where we were going at first but then we turned onto Hope Street... yes, 60 Hope Street, where we had a lovely meal. We both had the roast breast of corn fed chicken with pan fried potato gnocchi, pancetta and tomato petals for main (I'm quoting this from their website, sorry I couldnt remember all of that by heart...) and it was just sooo good, served in a simple broth that was just bursting with flavour. For dessert I had raspberry bavarois with milk chocolate malteser parfait amd frangelico chocolate sauce. Don't ask me what a bavarois is, but it tasted like a mousse, set on a base of marzipan cake. Frangelico is a liqueur if I'm not mistaken. The malteser parfait was like nothing else I've tasted, so smooth and tasted so much of milk chocolate. 

We have also managed to buy tickets for two more games at Anfield, so we will be there at both the 4th and the 7th october. The 4th is an Europa League game against Udinese, and the 7th is a PL one against Stoke. I bloody hate Stoke so hopefully we will win that one. We have AMAZING seats at the Udinese one, and ok ones at the PL game. We got the Stoke tickets on general sale so we had to make do with what we could get. We COULD get tickets to the Fulham game as well but there are only quite crappy seats left so it didnt seem worth the price.

I'm hoping I'll have something more interesting to share soon, like pictures from Leicester and some Uni things, for now its just a lot of organizing going on here and trying to sort out courses and such. I'm really getting to practice making phone calls and not procrastination here!

I also got to Skype with Emma this Sunday, which was much needed, even though I do love it here it is hard to not have your friends around, especially now before Uni has started when I'm mostly in the house with David. Anyway, wish me luck with the rooms and apartments, hopefully I have signed a contract next week!

Xxxx M

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