Sunday, September 2, 2012

First week, London, Liverpool

So, its been a while since I used this to be fair, but seeing as I (hopefully) will be away for a long time, I thought this could be the way to share my adventures with the ones I left behind in Sweden and maybe the odd curious person, and well, my mum. (Hi mum.)

Short catching up, I was accepted to the Erasmus exchange program in March, or April, or whatever, and started planning my year abroad at the University of Leicester doing law. To be honest, it feels a bit like as if an English person would come to some teeny tiny city (village...) in Sweden to study, but I've HEARD its a good uni so, yeah...

It's not been very easy, and its still not to be fair. I'm still waiting on CSN (student grant people...) to make a decision on my grant and student loan since I failed an exam. I've taken two more exams and sent in a VERY weepy letter explaining why I failed the exam, so hopefully it all goes to plan, or this exchange year will come to a very abrupt and unwanted end in just a few weeks. Let us all pray that doesn't happen...

So. I arrived in London on the 28th August, with two big suitcases that I had to half empty the night before because they were 18 kilos too heavy, not sure what I even had in them since I just pulled out random stuff to make them fit the weight limit. I was greeted by my boyfriend David, bless his cotton socks, who got to carry the less girly suitcase. We had three great days in London before we left for Liverpool, including a gorgeous meal at Clos Maggiore (most romantic restaurant in London, have that!) where I had duck breast for the first time ever, ruined on duck breast now, it could never be as good as that one I had. We had macarons at Ladurée, we strolled through Covent Garden, and we packed up all the things in the apartment to move up to Liverpool.

While he was at work I also managed some shopping rounds both on my own and with my friends Gina and Ylva. The shopping trip on my own resulted in a huge box from Hamley's containing Star Wars lego. Bitch to carry that one back I can tell you... It wasn't for me, but for David's birthday. He was happy as an 8 year old. Gina and I stocked up on nailpolishes, as we usually do when we meet... On that note, everything make up wise is SO much cheaper here. Boots even beats the tax free shops with ease. I might have to check what the English airports charges because here you can get Chanel nailpolishes for £18, when they are 245 SEK at home (about £25, give or take a pound or so...) Same goes for mostly anything, its awesome to say the least.

On Friday night, we arrived in Liverpool, where we will stay until Uni starts (again, pray I get to go to Uni!) in October. Plan is to find me a place to stay in Leicester as soon as I get that money, so its a bit stressful not really knowing what is coming for me. It has also meant I've had to miss some things, like Davids birthday, and Phantom of the Opera, the musical, that we had bought tickets for, all because I had to cancel my flight last minute and write those exams. Hopefully I will get a new chance at the musical at some point.

Saturday was spent at home (Home huh, it already feels like it actually...) baking and just relaxing. I was probably meant to unpack but still hasn't really come to that. I've started though! We also built that Star Wars spaceship (Millenium Falcon!) which took some hours to finish...

And then came Sunday, which I've been waiting for a long time. We went to Anfield to watch the game against Arsenal, that I managed to get tickets to a few weeks ago. They lost 2-0, which wasn't all that fun, but the atmosphere and just the feeling of being there, at our stadium, was like nothing else. Hopefully it was the first of many home games for me to go to.

I will probably upload some pictures from the game, and of my room here at some point, right now its time for dinner and then bedtime, tomorrow we are going into town to buy me some essentials. Like a hairdryer...

Xxx M

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