Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Ups and downs

"You know I usually can't deny you of anything"

Last week really offered all kinds of feelings. Stress and some sadness at work, since a certain someone is away on his holiday, and work feels slightly empty when he is not around. I've really gotten used to those little acts of support when it gets too stressful. A hand on my back, a somewhat loving little look or simply some help when its needed. Or just a teasing wink.

Week got slightly better over the weekend, when Mimmi came over and we went out clubbing. Shaking your booty for two whole nights does things to your mood, thank you darling!

Then... Well, I know he is not mine, technically he belongs to someone else (nevermind how she behaves, it seems to work so whatever) but there is still this certain person that holds that special place in my heart, and today, I got the news that he won't be around anymore. He is getting his well deserved promotion, which I have known for half a year now, since he told me. Only, it won't be at OUR job anymore, as it was first meant to be. He is transfering, and even though I thought I was over this, my heart broke. I've missed him this last week, how am I going to get through never having him back there?

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