Monday, March 16, 2009

Wanted: Tattoo (artist... *whistles*)

Ay ay ay! (Use your best spanish accent to say that)
I want a tattoo. Nevermind that I'm terrified of needles and blood, I want one. I am quite sure ofn what and where. Ever seen Victoria Beckhams neck tattoo? I want one like that. The text will be "Nimiast Miseria Nimis Pulchrum Esse Hominem". The first person to post the meaning of that wins a pink toaster in the colour of your choice!

Now, all I have to do is to find a font that I like and attend some therapy to get over that needle phobia. Piece of cake really.

(Also, Dagger. How hot IS that man in that pic? You can "needle" me any time you want love!)


  1. Guh. Danny, I'm ready to be tattoed by you now. *points between her shoulderblades* A bat right there please. Thank you.

    Needle phobias can be overcome Malin. Just get a tattoo somewhere you can't see the needle. Piece of cake :D

  2. So I googled what you are getting and I came up with "There is trouble beyond measure in being an overly handsome man" or "How unbearably tiresome it is to be handsome"