Monday, March 2, 2009

Holy Íker!

I'm a vain person, I'm not ashamed to admit that. And since I am like that, I've worked through almost every possible mascara on this planet. Expensive and cheap ones. None have been REALLy good, they all end up under my eyes after a few hours, and I hate that. One of the worst, and most expensive, were Diorshow Blackout, which made me look like one of those depressed emokids after just an hour or two. The best so far has been Macs fibre mascara, but it moulted to. Until now. For I have found my true love. And its budget! L'oréal Double Extension Beauty Tubes is the answer to all my dreams. It brings me looong lush lashes, and it stays on day and night, solid as a rock. Its amazing, and I'm never going back.


  1. Ok,since I'm the girl with the smallest lashes ever..I'm going out to buy that mascara right now!Thx so much Malin!

  2. *writes down name of mascara*
    FINALLY! A mascara that works! I've been using the new Maybelline Collosal Volume mascara recently which is great but because I have such tiny lashes it dones't stay on or show up much so I will be buying this on for sure!