Saturday, May 9, 2009


So this moving business is not a picnic in the park to be honest! I have now come to the stage where I am always seeing things that I want to bring to my new home (if I bring it all, I wont be able to fit into that apartment myself, but lets not focus on THAT...) and dad is not exactly helpful in the matter since he is now bringing out all the old hereditaments, including old silverware, massive amounts of painted porcelain teacups and fragile crystal glasses. I will be living among things that looks like they belong in the 19th century, but honestly, I love that.

Antique furniture, delicate silver forks and knives, beautifully ornamented in the ends... Each piece has a history. Most are things that my mum has found in some small antique shop, she is good with decorating, excellent taste there. Unfortunately, I wont be able to steal our gorgeous sofa from the upper living room, but my dining table is actually... pink. Hard to describe that colour, but its ancient. With a glass top, with flowers carved into the glass. Its packed together now, but when we have put it up, I will take a picture for you all to see it.

At the same time as I am trying to make this move, I am also planning my trips for this summer. There are so many places I want to go to, but I see that I have to split them over several years actually. I have to add new places to the list all the time. Brighton, Greece, Thailand, Philippines, France, Spain... South Africa for the World Cup maybe?

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