Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back home

So, I managed to stomp through the snow-mud covering Gävle's streets in my high heels with at least some dignity left, one has to be happy for the small things in life. Met up Marty for a quick round at Systembolaget, the poor lady behind the desk must have thought we had severe alcohol problems, and yes, I can imagine that the sight of two young blonde girls carrying over 30 bottles of alcohol out from the store on a regular Monday might have been a little suspicious.

Continued to my grandmother to check if she was okay, bless the old lady, she couldnt really remember if she had been eating, so I bought her some chinese food to be sure. I then sat at her apartment, read my book and chatted for a while, to keep her company. Feels really nice to see her get so happy! She doesnt really remember how old she turned at her birthday, but its 88 and I can't appreciate enough how clear she actually is despite that. A little vimsical, but clear.

I then went to my friends place, and we had a girls night, just chatting, eating sandwiches and watching tv. Was great, but I totally forgot about time, and that I was actually going by bus and therefore didn't have my car with me. Dad wasnt TOO pleased when he had to pick me up after I had missed the last bus...

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