Saturday, February 21, 2009


I've just finished reading a Swedish book called "Chic- Den kompletta garderoben", which basically means "Chic - the Complet Wardrobe", and honestly. The writer, some woman called Katarina Ericsson Wärn, thinks you should always dress up, even when you're at home. No sweatpants, no hoodies, And God forbid you should wear printed t-shirt. Noo no no. Those clothes are apparently only meant to do sports in, and she seems to prefer you don't wear them then either. (She recommends a smart track suit, I'd guess a matchy one) The only time you can wear these kind of things seems to be when you paint the house. I'll remember that the next time I decide to break loose on out brick-walled house. Its a nice and rather endearing vision this, to always dress up nicely and never look shabby, but still. I love clothes, I have loads and loads and then some, and I lost control of my shoe collection long ago, but every time I get home, I pull them off and get dressed in sweatpants, my Nando t-shirt that my best friend J gave to me, and a hoodie. I take out the contacts, put on my glasses, pull my hair up in a ponytail and then I fall down in the sofa to watch tv or use Sanz, my laptop. (No one will ever see me on webcam, I promise) And I still call myself a fashionista, just not when I'm at home. I rarely wear underwear at home either, because lets face it, push up bras are uncomfortable. Now maybe some of you choke on you food/drinks, but what? No one will see me anyway.

Now, I do admit that I maybe should have listened to that advice and always dress up at home, when I answered the door a week ago and found myself face to face with a young, hot electrician. Well thank you.

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